Who Is ABC Journalist Shelley Ross? Chris Cuomo’s Former Boss Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment

Who Is ABC Journalist Shelley Ross? Chris Cuomo’s Former Boss Accuses Him Of Sexual Harassment

Former Executive Producer of ABC News Shelly Ross has accused journalist Chris Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Shelly Ross has finally opened about the sexual harassment she had faced in her early years.

The former executive producer of ABC News Ross opened about the case in an op-ed in the New York Times after 16 years.

It was back in 2005 when the veteran journalist became a victim of an unforgettable harassment done by Chris Cuomo, who worked under her guidance at that time.

However, Cuomo, who is now a journalist and news analyst at the prestigious CNN, was revealed to write an apology email after the incident took place.

Ross has also cleared that she considers the incident that happened in 2005 was a hostile act rather than sexual in nature. Furthermore, she believes the act was done by Cuomo to ‘belittle his female former boss’.

ABC: Shelly Ross Journalist Wikipedia

Shelly Ross is a 3-time prestigious Emmy Award-winning journalist.

Further, she is also a producer, author, director, and also founder of Daily Xpress News and Pop Culture Blog.

Ross’s 16-year tenure in ABC News gained her the Emmy as well as a Peabody award followed by several honors and accolades.

She completed her education at the University of Miami and started her professional journey as a writer/producer at NBC News in 1989.

The veteran joined ABC News which changed the course of her career and after waving goodbye to the channel she found herself working as an Executive Producer of Creative Development at Walt Disney Television and senior executive producer at the CBS News.

Currently, Ross is president of ‘The Cure Alliance’, a global non-profit organization for scientists, innovators, doctors, and researchers to help remove fatal diseases.

The author of a political history book, Ross has published ‘Fall from Grace: The History of Sex, Scandal, and Corruption from 1702 to the Present (Ballantine 1988).

Shelly Ross Age: How Old Is She?

Shelly Ross could be in her 50s.

However, the given age is based on the assumption of her appearance as her date of birth is yet to known to the public.

Further, she is believed to be enjoying her 50s considering that she could have started her career in her 20s in 1989.

Who Is Shelly Ross Husband?

Shelly Ross’s husband is a veteran musician from Britain.

Her husband was present at the party in 2005 when she was physically abused by Chris Cuomo.

Ross’s husband was present at the party accompanying his wife on an ottoman enjoying his diet coke.

The journalist has yet to provide the detail of her beloved husband. Further, keeping her private life a secret, she has not revealed herself to be a mother as well.

Shelly Ross Allegations Against Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo reportedly grabbed the buttocks of Shelly Rose at the farewell party of their colleague in 2005.

She was executive producer for Cuomo’s ABC show ‘Primetime Live’.

Cuomo hugged his boss tightly and he lowered his hands on the back of Ross, eventually deciding to grab and squeeze.

He had apologized for his unhealthy behavior.