Actor: Shona Ferguson First Wife Name And Photos Revealed

Actor: Shona Ferguson First Wife Name And Photos Revealed

Shona Ferguson’s first wife has penned an emotional tribute after the death of an actor.

Shona Ferguson was precisely known to be a South African actor.

He was born in Botswana on April 30, 1974, and took his final breath on July 30, 2021.

Ferguson started his professional career as a club DJ in 1992 and started to act in front of the camera in 2006.

The renowned actor, filmmaker, producer, and co-founder of the Ferguson Films died at 47 in the Milpark Hospital due to Covid-19 complications.

His untimely passing has shocked the showbiz and movie industry as he was known to be a pioneer and an innovator.

5 days after his passing, Ferguson is being rested in the Fourways cemetery in Johannesburg.

The burial of the veteran actor is set to be done with the presence of his family and close friends.

What Is Shona Ferguson First Wife Name?

Shona Ferguson’s first wife’s name is Connie Masilo.

The power couple of the movie industry was married on November 30, 2001.

Shona and Connie met by chance in July 2001 when he dropped the mutual friend of Connie’s sister at her home.

Connie initially hated the tattoo of Shona, but after meeting him a week, later everything changed.

The couple dated for a few months and decided to get married soon.

But after 19 years of their marriage, Connie is left heartbroken as her soul mate decided to rest forever.

Connie penned an emotional tribute to her late husband on how they were planning to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in November and had enough time left.

But the god had other plans for the couple.

Connie, a well-renowned actress, co-founded the production company Ferguson Films with her late husband.

Shona Ferguson Wife Photos And Children

Shona Ferguson’s photos have been circling social media after the death of an actor.

Most of his photos show the beautiful relationship he and his wife Connie had.

The couple looked extremely happy in the photos they clicked when they were together.

Their last official photo together dated back to June 12 from the late actor’s Instagram account.

Shona and Connie were blessed with children in their 19 years of marriage.

Together, they shared a beautiful daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson.

Further, Connie gave birth to Lesedi Matsunyane on December 31, 1992, from her first marriage.

She called Shona her ‘Fah,’ and she also penned a tribute to her step-father.

Is Shona Ferguson’s Second Wife Connie?

Connie was the one and only wife of the late actor Shona Ferguson.

But, the actress had a history of a failed marriage as she was a wife to the actor Neo Matsunyane.

She married Neo in 1993 after their daughter Lesedi and divorced after five years of marriage in 1998.

So, Shona was the second husband of Connie.