Shootashellz Death Pic and Video Surface On Reddit – Who Killed Him?

Shootashellz Death Pic and Video Surface On Reddit – Who Killed Him?

Almost 5 years have passed since the shooting of Chicago-based rapper Shootashellz, but still, his death pictures are making rounds on social media.

Shootashellz aka Cedron Doles was an emerging African-American rapper from Chicago. He was acclaimed for his voice in songs like Real Ones and Death of 150.

Doles however made headlines after his death on 10 July 2017. His demise attracted a lot of attention since he was shot multiple times in the head until his face was somewhat disfigured.

Cedron’s death seems to have been caused by gang rivalry. In 2019, the FBI began investigating the case and interrogated certain gangs active in the area.

However, they did not find much lead about Shootashellz’s murder and the case has been listed in the unsolved ones. 

Shootashellz Death Pic and Video Surface On Reddit

Rapper Shootashellz’s death pictures and videos have resurfaced on sites like Reddit.

However, you have to verify your age to view the graphical image and footage. It contains a photo of his dead body with the disfigured head and face.

Cedron’s pictures have been circulating on social media sites since his death in 2017. Despite that, people are still terrified to watch the photo or video twice.

Shootashellz Death Cause: Who Killed Him?

Who killed musical artist Shootashellz? This is still a controversial question since his murder case has not yet been solved.

He was about to enter his car at the Auburn Gresham community when he was attacked by three men on the morning of 10 July 2017.

The unidentified men shot him multiple times in the body and head even after he was dead. In fact, 43 bullet shell casings were found near his deceased body.

Doles’s death was caused by gunshots and it is assumed to be a case of gang violence. As per Chicago Tribune, he was associated with the gang faction named Black Mobb.

Shootashellz posted a song titled Death of 150 ere 3 months of his brutal murder. In the song, he taunted a gang rival which went by the name, No Limit 150.

Explore Shootashellz Wikipedia: Real Name Revealed

Chicago-based rapper, Shootashellz passed away at age 21 before earning a place in Wikipedia.

He was born and bred in Chicago. He was just beginning his career in 2017 and had released two songs: Real Ones and Death of 150.

Shootashellz had great potential in the music industry but he died way earlier. He was murdered by three men who are assumed to be from his rival gang.

Moreover, the real name of Shootashellz was Cedron Doles.

What Was Shootashellz Net Worth At Death?

Shootashellz’s net worth details at the time of his death are under wraps.

In 2017, he was just beginning his career as a rapper. He earned a decent sum but did not have a chance to accumulate a hefty sum as he died too early.

Hopefully, Shootashellz enjoyed a decent life until he was alive.

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