Shroud Net Worth 2020: 10 Facts On Canadian YouTuber and Twitch Star

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Shroud Net Worth 2020: 10 Facts On Canadian YouTuber and Twitch Star

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Micheal Grzesiek more popular in the world of gaming as Shroud is one of the most famous gamers.

With a strong fan base of 6.62 Million subscribers on his youtube channel and 8.5 Million subscribers on twitch, he definitely has a great career in the gaming world.

Name Shroud (Real Name: Michael Grzesiek)
Birthday 1994 June 2
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 5feet 6inches
Weight 68kg
Nationality Canadian
Profession Youtuber and streamer at Twitch
Net Worth $ 16 Million
Married/Single Single
Instagram shroud
Twitter Michael Grzesiek
Youtube Shroud

Shroud is better known for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, Call of duty, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He began his career with his youtube channel in the year 2014. 

The Canadian player has played in various gaming tournaments starting from the same year when he opened his youtube channel. He is placed #1 in most of the tournaments currently.

10 FACTS ON Shroud

  1. Shroud ( Micheal Grzesiek ) was born in Mississauga, Canada in the year 1994. He celebrates his birthday on June 2.
  2. Micheal Grzesiek aka Shroud is 26 years old. He has an appreciable height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs about 68 kg.
  3. Information about his family background, his ethnicity, and other matters related to his bio are under review. However, it has been mentioned he is a descendent of Polish.
  4. After getting in a relationship with a half Korean girl named Jessica Rago, Micheal Grzesiek is now in a relationship with Hannah Kenedy who is also an online gamer.
  5. Micheal came back to Twitch in August 2020 after a small break from all his social media.
  6. Micheal Grzesiek is nominated for the live streamer category in the Streamy Awards for the year 2020.
  7. Shroud has a strong fanbase in all his social media accounts. He has 1.6 Million followers on Instagram and 1.8 Million on Twitter.
  8. The gaming star also owns a Wikipedia page.
  9.  Micheal Grzesiek’s net worth for the year 2020 amounts to about $ 16 Million. Looking at his career graph, we can estimate it is going to be even a bigger number coming year.
  10. Micheal has 741+ videos online.

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