How Old Is Siddy Holloway? Learn Everything About The Historian

How Old Is Siddy Holloway? Learn Everything About The Historian

Siddy Holloway is an actress and a historian. We reveal her age and personal details in the article.

Siddy Holloway is precisely known to be an actress.

Further, she has made a name for herself as a historian as she is in love with the history of London and several stories that are forgotten.

Having 3 credits on her filmography, Siddy is has returned on the screen as a presenter.

Her new television documentary series ‘Secrets of the London Underground’ is prepared to air on the Yesterday Channel.

Holloway will be teaming up with the railway historian Tim Dunn and the pair will be exploring the hidden areas of the London undergrounds.

They will explore and provide insights into the abandoned tunnels, hidden bunkers, and the staircases which are concealed for the public.

With her love and passion for history and acting, she has managed to work well involving both of her interests.

Siddy Holloway Age: How Old Is She?

Siddy Holloway’s age is 30 years old.

She celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of November every year.

Regarding her birth year, she has not revealed it to the public; however, her Instagram post in 2016 states she will be enjoying her 26th year.    

Meanwhile, her date of birth reveals Siddy to hail a zodiac sign of Scorpio.

She was born in Iceland and moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 20 to train as an actress.

Siddy Holloway Wikipedia Bio

Siddy Holloway serves as the Engagement Manager at the London Transport Museum.

Joining the Museum as a lead guide and researcher in 2015, she has also worked in numerous ventures one of them being a co-author of ‘Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground’.

Further, she was a member of an award-winning ‘Hidden London Exhibition’, and has worked as a voiceover artist for Soho Voices.

She has additional experience working as a tour guide, hostess, and ambassador as well.

Regarding her educational details, Holloway is a graduate from Rose Bruford College with a Bachelor of Arts with a grade of first-class honors.

She also had a course on Spanish language and literature at Menntaskolinn vid Hamrahlid.

Holloway is quadrilingual as she speaks Spanish, Icelandic, English, and Danish.

Siddy Holloway Husband And Family Details

Siddy Holloway’s husband is yet to be known to the public to date.

However, looking at her Instagram pictures, she is known to be extremely close to Will Udall.

Although both of them has yet to confirm their relationship, they are happy sharing their quality time together.

Further, she is also assumed to be in a relationship with her girlfriend Edda Margret whom she has called a best friend and wife in her Instagram post.

Regarding the details about her family, she is blessed with a father, mother, and 2 sisters.

Her father is a marathon runner who has climbed Mount Everest and her sisters are Jonina and Lina.

Siddy Holloway Net Worth

The net worth of Siddy Holloway has not been calculated to date.

However, she could sum a good fortune considering her successful career as an actress and historian.