Sidney Starr Before And After Transgender Surgery: Is The Rapper Dating Darius McCrary?

Sidney Starr Before And After Transgender Surgery: Is The Rapper Dating Darius McCrary?

Sidney Starr is an American rapper who underwent transgender surgery recently. Find out exactly what happened to her before and after surgery.

Sidney Starr is a transgender rapper from America. She was born on February 5, 1987, in Chicago, Illinois, US. Sidney is widely known for appearing in the reality Tv show VH1’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Lifetime’s Atlanta Plastic and E! ‘s Botched are other reality shows that she has been in. She worked as an actress and appeared on FOX’s Tv drama titled Star. She also starred in season 9 of the hit series Love & Hip Hop franchise.

The rapper came into the spotlight after her claims of dating rapper Chingy in 2010. In 2012 she stated that her claims were lies and believed in “fake it till you make it.”

Sidney Starr Before And After Transgender Surgery

Sidney was born to African-American parents in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Windy City, where she attended Bogan High School.

After that, she lived in Georgia. In her school days, she was bullied for being transgender.

She was biologically born as a male but ever since the age of 5, she felt more like a female. During her teens, she got plastic surgery on her back, breasts, and face. 

By the time she was 23, she had completely transformed into a female with the help of modern science.

After her surgery, she worked as a transgender model. Then World Star Hip Hop started posting her twerking videos, which made her famous on the internet. After that, she started her Youtube channel Transgender Diva.

Sidney’s popularity started rising significantly. Then, she set her sights on various social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

She has released a few songs like Errthang, and I’m Here Now. In the past years, she has appeared in multiple reality shows and movies.

Even though she was bullied in school, she did not let it stop her from doing various things and achieving her dreams.

Is Sidney Starr Dating Darius McCrary? Rumors Explained

Sidney is not dating Darius McCrary. Spread rumors on the internet regarding them being in a relationship.

However, Darius has shut down those rumors once for all. On October 18, the 45-year-old actor took to Instagram, denying all the rumors.

He said in his video that he was engaged during the time that the rumors surfaced. His fiance would’ve been very angry if the claims were valid, he added.

He also stated that people on the internet were acting like they were in high school and requested not to pry in his life. 

Does Sidney Starr Have Wikipedia?

Sidney does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, she does have a fandom wiki from Wikitubia.

Wikitubia posts detailed information on famous people like Sidney who do not have Wikipedia.

Visit Fandom Sidney Starr to learn more about her.

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