Sign Me Cuff Backwards Meaning Explained: What Does It Mean On Urban Dictionary?

Sign Me Cuff Backwards Meaning Explained: What Does It Mean On Urban Dictionary?

What Does Sign Me Cuff Backwards Mean? TikTok is famous for its challenges and slang and currently, the most popular one is the Sign Me Cuff Backward challenge and meaning.

This is the latest challenge that has taken the virtual world. But most people have got no idea of what the actual challenge is? This article explains what it means and how the challenge went viral on TikTok. 

Sign Me Cuff Backwards Meaning Explained

If you are a TikTok user, you are no doubt wondering about the Sign Me Cuff challenge. But what is its actual meaning?

This phrase ” Sign me Cuff” which is also known as “Sign Name Cuff” simply implies sexual activity which is why it has become one of the reasons for the challenge to go viral. However, it does not signify any individual meaning.

But the most twisting part of the challenge is after the pronunciation of the phrase. The backward pronunciation of the phrase gives another meaning. When the phrase is said backward, it implies “F*** mine A***”. Thus the phrase is trending on the TikTok app. 


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♬ original sound – Litlittleliv

This trend was first started from the other social media app Snapchat. It was first originated as a meme on Snapchat. The app Snapchat allows to record and plays backward. Thus this went viral on Snapchat which was later posted in TikTok and became a trend. 

Sign Me Cuff Backwards Meaning in Urban Dictionary

When there is some social media meme or slang, then its meaning can be found on Urban Dictionary. And also it provides a logical explanation. Likewise, it has also provided a logical explanation of the phrase “Sign Me Cuff Backward”. 

The urban dictionary explains the phrase as slang that is used by the minor who can not speak about those dirty stuff. It explains as “Something an 11-years-old would tell friends to say and backward it to record it and to post on TikTok to inform that they know what the sex is”. 

Nonetheless, some people have taken this trend as dun. This trend is not only on TikTok but also on Snapchat and Youtube. 

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