Sneaky Link TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning And Trend Videos -In Details

Sneaky Link TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning  And Trend Videos -In Details

TikTok and its users are back with a new song, Sneaky Link, which means actually how it sounds like. Here is everything you need to know about the trend and the song’s lyrics. 

TikTok always brings multiple trends and challenges and some of them are really fun to watch. 

Mostly, TikTok is filled with lip-sync videos of people and sometimes, with amazing dances that the creators create themselves. 

A recent trend has started where people dance and lip-sync along with the new song Sneaky Link, and these videos are becoming very famous. 

While most people have realized what the songs mean by just listening to them and watching a few videos people have made, some are still wanting to find out what is it all about. 

Hence, we are here to help you explore your curiosity and find out what you need to know about the trend and the song itself. 

Indeed, concern regarding the song’s lyrics, its meaning, the videos, and all other relevant matters are rising all over the web right now. 


sneaky link?

♬ original sound – Kayla Nicole

Sneaky Link is a song by singers and songwriters Hxllywood and Glizzy G which first came out about 6 months ago in May of 2021. 

This is rap as well as a song that contains lyrics of what 2 people are talking to and about each other. 

Ending the suffering of suspense, this song is basically about 2 people wanting to and being in a secret hookup relationship with each other. 

For starters, the term “Sneaky Link” means a secret hookup relationship between 2 people. So, the song seems like the same thing. 

While the entire song is pretty long and writing the whole lyrics seems a bit of a long job, we have attached the link of the lyrics but there are still a few lines we have thoroughly gotten into. 

One of the lines says,”Like I am your Only Fans I can be your Only Fans (Girl, I’m your Only Fans)” which is a pun intended line saying he is the girl’s fan and, the Onlyfans also denotes the sexual tension. 

And, most of the song roans around the lyrics, Girl, I can be your sneaky link (we sneaky) Be your sneaky link Girl, I can be your sneaky link (we sneaky) Be your sneaky link, and sometimes the “girl” is replaced with “Boy”. 

The only answer to how to do the Sneaky Link challenge is “You Cannot Do It” because there is no challenge. 

While most of the TikTok trends are in form of challenges, this one is not because this is a sile song to which people lip-sing and dance. 

@babyy.may sneaky link 🤫 (dc: @Nianycole ) #fyp #foryou ♬ Sneaky Link 2.0 – Kayla Nicole

And talking about the variety of videos, some people just show their amazing beauty with the sound whereas some show their amazing dance skills. 

Whereas, some are found reacting to the song, and some are found explaining the meaning of what it means. 

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Last Modified: November 16, 2021

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