Who Is Rapper Spanian? Everything On His Real Name, Nationality & Bio

Who Is Rapper Spanian? Everything On His Real Name, Nationality & Bio

Rapper Spanian whose real name is Scott Froml, is a well-known rapper in the hip-hop genre.

Spanian, a rapper from Campbelltown, New South Wales, began his career at the age of 11 years. The rapper is known for songs such as “Independent Album” and “One Out.”

He is a Sydney-based underground rapper who is often considered a gangster by many.


What is Spanian’s Real Name And Nationality?

Spanian’s real name is Scott Froml.

However, only a few people are familiar with his actual name, while the rest are familiar with his stage name, Spanian.

Spanian is an American professional rapper.

Spanian’s Age And Height

Currently, Spanian is 33 years old.

He was born in the city of Campbell, New South Wales, on August 21, 1987. Regarding his physical attribute, his height, weight, and other physical measurements are not made public.

However, Spanian has attractive height and an excellent physical physique.

Spanian Net Worth

As the rapper Spannian has never talked about his net income, his net worth is not revealed yet.

He is yet to disclose his earnings from company endorsements.

Spanian also considers himself a political representative and aspirant leader of the Hood Oss faction in Canberra.

Is Spanian On Instagram?

The official account of a Spanish musician, which has 154k fans from all over the world.

He introduced himself as a spanian artist in his Instagram bio, where he mostly shares his own photos and GIF videos.

Furthermore, he can be viewed on YouTube under the name spanian.

The underground rapper from Sydney, who goes by the online handle Spanian, showed off the strange dialect to his 11,000 Instagram followers.

 Where is Spanian From?

Spanian is an Australian artist who was born and grown up in Bew, South Wales, Australia.

The rapper grew up in Sydney’s Glebe and Ultimo districts, and as a teen, he was in and out of juvenile prison.

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