Steph Tisdell Partner: Learn Everything About The Comedian

Steph Tisdell Partner: Learn Everything About The Comedian

Professional Comedian Steph Tisdell’s partner is a mystery. Meanwhile, she has a pretty impressive amount of net worth.

Steph Tisdell is a renowned Australian comedian who is primarily known for her stand-up comedy. She is one of the shining stars to explode on the Australian comedy scene in current years.

Tisdell has performed in various stages and has won the hearts of many people. Besides, she has established her name in the comedy industry.

In 2014, Tisdell won the Deadly Funny National Grand Final. Furthermore, she has appeared on television shows such as Ten’s Stand Up for Christchurch Benefit, Just for Laughs Australia, etc.

Apart from that, Steph has also played in movies like Total Control, Cooked, Retcon, and many more.

Who Is Steph Tisdell Partner?

Steph Tisdell is undoubtedly enjoying life with her partner.

But Tisdell denied sharing her lover’s name with the tabloids. 

Meanwhile, she often does stand-up comedy related to relationships.

Steph Tisdell Age and Wikipedia

Concerning Steph Tisdell’s age, she is likely between 20 to 30 years old.

Moreover, Tisdell hasn’t revealed her actual birthdate to the media.

Besides, Steph was born in Mt Isa, Australia, and currently resides in Brisbane.

Talking about her height, she is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Furthermore, Steph Tisdell is not available on Wikipedia at the moment.

But, Tisdell runs her website where we can learn more about her career and achievements.

In addition, her upcoming project is Love You Like That, which is in the post-production phase.

Details on Steph Tisdell Family

Steph Tisdell often shares pictures with her family on Instagram.

However, there is no more news regarding her parents and other family members.

Besides, Tisdell is a proud Indigenous woman. 

How Much Is Steph Tisdell Net Worth?

Step Tisdell’s net worth is expected to be around $1 million.

Tisdell is actively involved in the entertainment industry for an extended time.

So, by her work, Steph must have collected a decent amount of money.