Stephen Chapple Stabbing – What Happened To Jennifer Chapple?

Stephen Chapple Stabbing – What Happened To Jennifer Chapple?

West Somerset College Teacher Stephen Chapple and his wife Jennifer were stabbed to death on Sunday, 21st November, 2021.

Norton Fitzwarren Village of Somerset County saw the murder of Stephen Chapple and Jennifer Chapple.

The husband-wife duo were killed at their home in Dragon Rise, Norton Fitzwarren and now the entire village is mourning the loss but most of all, people are shocked and afraid after the tragic incident.

The couple were reported to be found seriously injured and were revealed to have died on the scene.

Leaving behind their 2 young sons, Chapple couple witnessed their death at a very young age.

People have flooded with the condolences messages to the family after their death is publicly notified.

Let’s take a look back at the victims.

Who Was Stephen Chapple From Somerset?

Stephen Chapple was an IT expert residing in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset.

He was a teacher who taught computing at the West Somerset College. Judging by his professional background, he is assumed to have completed his education from the IT background.

The 36-year-old Stephen Chapple was a young man with a lot of dreams. His demise has impacted the lives of several people attached with him.

The father of 2 sons, Chapple was remembered by the head teacher of West Somerset College as a fantastic colleague and a brilliant teacher who deeply cared about his students.

Stephen Chapple’s post-mortem report is still under investigation.

Stephen Chapple Wife: What Happened To Jennifer Chapple

Stephen Chapple and his wife Jennifer Chapple were brutally murdered by the killer who is yet to be found.

Jennifer, who went by the name of Jenny in her locality, was a lovely wife to her husband and loving mother to her 2 sons.

Further, she was much loved by the people residing in Somerset. She was a 33-year-old woman, working in a coffee shop in the garden centre.

Jennifer’s post-mortem report confirms that she died from multiple stab wounds.

Stephen Chapple And Jennifer Chapple Family Facts

Stephen Chapple and Jennifer Chapple were hard-working couple from Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset.

The couple were blessed with 2 wonderful sons aged 4 and 7. Their identities are kept confidential as of now.

The sons were revealed to be sleeping when the tragic incident took place that took the lives of their parents.

Believed to be together for a decade, Stephen and Jennifer’s marriage detail is left unknown.

Stephen Chapple And Jennifer Chapple Killers

Stephen and his wife Jennifer Chapple’s killers are yet to be found but the police have arrested 2 men.

Aged 34 and 67, the older suspect has been released after an interrogation.

Meanwhile, the younger one is still under police custody.

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