Streamer: Bashurverse Aka Toasty Time Death Cause -How Did He Die? Everything To Know

Streamer: Bashurverse Aka Toasty Time Death Cause  -How Did He Die? Everything To Know

After the sudden and unfortunate death of streamer and Youtuber Bashuverse aka Toasty Time, his fans are sad and want to know about his death cause. 

Brandon Dylan Ashur who is also known as Bashuverse is an American YouTuber who rose to fame after launching his Bashurverse channel in 2010. Little’s gaming channel quickly grew to tens of thousands of subscribers, eventually breaking the million-subscriber threshold.

Bashuverse rose to prominence after appearing on “DramaAlert” in 2016. Brandon is well known for his YouTube channel “Bashurverse,” which he started in Jefferson, Kentucky. As of 2018, his channel, which he started in 2010, has a sizable subscriber base.

Bashuverse is also known for his other Youtube channel TOASTY channel. 

Unfortunately, the streamer is no more. Sister of Brandon Dylan Ashur, Anesa Ashur acknowledges that he is no longer alive.

YouTube: Bashurverse Aka Toasty Time Death Cause

Youtuber and streamer Bashuverse is no more alive and his cause of death is COVID as explained by his sister Anesa Ashur

Brandon was a Minecraft YouTuber who vanished from the internet a few years after his video addressing and explaining his criminal felony for unlawful transaction with a minor became viral.

In early April of 2010, Asher launched his YouTube channel. He didn’t become famous until a few years later when he created “The Legend of the Hobo,” a survival-roleplay Minecraft series.


Bashuverse Aka Toasty Time Age

Bashuverse was 36 years old at the time of his death. 

Brandon was born under the Virgo astrological sign. When it comes to his family, Brandon has never divulged anything about his original father or mother. According to some stories, his mother was imprisoned while he was a child.


Bashuverse Girlfriend 

We have got no clue who the streamer Bashuverse was dating in 2021. 

According to Sportskeeda, When he was 17, he met the girl who would become his first love. She is the sister of one of Asher’s best friends. She would chat to him and soothe him when he came over to their place.

After establishing affection for each other, they became a pair. At the time, Asher was 18 and she had just turned 15.

Her parents were so concerned about their connection that they hired a private detective to keep an eye on them in case anything went wrong. The couple communicated via internet chat services but never had physical contact.

Then one day, Asher was startled awake by a knock at his door. After being presented to the private investigator, he was detained for his chat history with his 15-year-old lover. He was charged with a first-degree felony for engaging in illegal dealings with a juvenile under the age of 16. After being captured, Asher was freed on bail. 

What Was Bashuverse Net Worth? 

Bashuverse must have gained some net worth from his career as a streamer and youtube. However, his net worth detail is unavailable.