Tattle Life: Who Is Tracey Collopy? Arrested Over Money Laundering -Details To Know

Tattle Life: Who Is Tracey Collopy? Arrested Over Money Laundering -Details To Know

Tracey Collopy was rumored to be arrested over money laundering. The gossips swirled when she became inactive from Instagram following her personal problems.

Tracey Collopy is a renowned Irish influencer as well as a fitness trainer. She is also the owner and founder of Training With Tracey (TWT) fitness.

Collopy is on the headlines following the rumors of her arrest. It ignited so much that she started receiving calls from her family members and friends regarding the affair.

However, Tracey has addressed the topic which has been a hit in the group chats for some time. After clearing the air, she is gaining support from her fans.

Tattle Life: Who Is Tracey Collopy? Arrested Over Money Laundering

Tracey Collopy was not arrested over money laundering charges and it was just a hoax.

The main source from which the rumors spread is not yet available. However, it blew the social media group chats for more than a month.

Meanwhile, Collopy disappeared from Instagram which ignited the sparks. But after getting serious phone calls from parents and friends, she has finally addressed the buzzes.

Tracey posted some videos on her IG story clarifying that she was inactive because of family affairs. In addition, she went on to reveal that she was living with her grandparents.

Collopy further added that she just was on a much-needed break from social media.

Tracey Collopy Age: How Old Is She?

Tracey Collopy is in the age range of 25 to 35 years old.

She was born and raised in Ireland and is based in County Limerick. Thus, she has an Irish nationality and ethnicity.

Moreover, Collopy has a towering height of about 5 feet 8 inches. She also has a muscular body as she is a fitness freak and trainer as well.

Influencer: Tracey Collopy Wiki Explored

Influencer Tracey Collopy’s bio is not yet featured on Wikipedia.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she attended the University of Limerick and graduated in NCEF with exercise and fitness. Prior to that, she was enrolled in Crescent College Comprehensive.

After completing her studies in 2020, Tracey set up her own company titled Training With Tracey (TWT) fitness. Moreover, she encourages people to burn fat and develop healthy muscles.

Tracey Collopy Jail Sentence Details

Tracey Collopy has neither been arrested nor been sentenced to jail.

Speaking with her fans via IG stories, she has exposed that she is not in prison. In fact, her being detained was just the rumors and not the reality.

Further, Collopy is on a break from her social media because of her family problems.

Where Is Tracey Collopy Now? Find Her Instagram

As of now, Tracey Collopy is staying at her grandparent’s house in Ireland.

She is facing some family crises and is dealing heads on with them. Her fans are also supporting her after she came out clean.

Since Collopy is a fitness influencer, she has amassed 41.4K followers on her Instagram.

She uploads her pictures as @traytraycolcol. Her last post was on 17 December 2021 and after that, she was active on the platform some hours earlier today. 

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