Tennis: Jordan Thompson Wife Or Girlfriend Brittany Hockley -Is He Married? Everything To Know

Tennis: Jordan Thompson Wife Or Girlfriend Brittany Hockley -Is He Married? Everything To Know

Jordan Thompson, an Australian professional tennis player, is unmarried, so his wife is out of the picture; however, he is in a relationship with Brittany Hockley. Let’s explore more about the tennis player.

Jordan Thompson made his grand slam debut at the 2014 Australian Open. Before that, he won the Australian Open wildcard playoff in 2013. So far, Jordan has maintained impressive stat.

Thompson was into sports from his childhood. Besides tennis, he is also a big rugby fan. He watches National Rugby League and his favorite team is Wests Tigers. He might have been a rugby player if not tennis.

Jordan Thompson Wife Or Girlfriend Brittany Hockley -Is He Married?

Jordan Thompson’s wife’s question is meaningless because he is still to tie the knot; however, he is open about his relationship with his girlfriend Brittany Hockley. They can be seen on Instagram together.

Hockley is a popular TV personality. Many people must have seen in Bachelor. She is also a host of LifeUncut Podcast and a radiographer by profession. She is a success in her rights.

The couple seems to be enjoying their companionship. They can be seen hanging out together whenever they are free. They do not try to hide their relationship like other celebrities. Their Instagram is filled with pictures together.

Jordan Thompson Net Worth

Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. Almost all of his wealth is accumulated through the games he has played, which includes prize money, brand endorsements, and others.

As per his Wikipedia, he has won prize money of $3,567,788 to date, so it is clear that his majority of wealth comes from the championships. His hard work has paid off. He is one of the richest tennis players.

In the future, it can be heralded if he maintains his progress, his wealth will constantly increase; however, this completely depends on his future performance. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

Jordan Thompson Parents – Where Is He From?

Jordan’s parents are Karen Thompson, Stephen Thompson. He was born to them in 1994, which makes him 27 years old, in Melbourne, Australia. Jordan was encouraged by his parents since his childhood to pursue athletics.

Thompson is Australian by his nationality. In his junior career, he showed impressive performance and reached to double final along with Nick Kyrgios in the 2012 US Open. After that, he was always in highlight.

People are expecting that he will soon make the next move and take his relationship with his girlfriend to another level; however, there is no indication of such as of now, so it is hard to predict he will do that or not.

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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