Tennis: Who Are Emina Bektas Parents? Meet Her Father Jasmin & Mother Selma Bektas On IG

Tennis: Who Are Emina Bektas Parents? Meet Her Father Jasmin & Mother Selma Bektas On IG

Emina Bektas, an American tennis player, parents are Jasmin and Selma Bektas. Her parents’ support has been crucial for her to achieve the apogee she is in today. Let’s explore more about a talented tennis player.

Emina was into athletics from her childhood like most athletes. She started to show her proficiency from a young age; however, she did not play tennis in high school, which is strange because most players play in their high school.

She is known for the exuberant sportsman spirit and dedication she puts forward in her games. She has been able to maintain an average stat so far; however, she is showing improvement over time.

Who Are Emina Bektas Parents?

Emina Bektas’s parents are Jasmin Bektas and Selma Bektas. The Bektas family has Bosnian history. Her parents are probably a great influence for her to pursue her field of choice.

It is very unlikely that she was able to get the training she needed to master her skill without her parents’ support. She did her training at the John Newcombe Tennis Academy in New Braunfels, Texas.

Jasmin and Bektas are not found on Instagram; maybe because they do not use it.

This training made her perfect for college even though she did not play in high school. Her parents must be proud of her achievements and success. She has still got more to achieve in the future.

Emina Bektas Net Worth Revealed

Emina Bektas’s net worth is estimated to be more than $100,000. She has earned her wealth through various championships and barn endorsements. She is a rising player, so there are many brands attached to her.

As per her Wikipedia, Emina has won $181,062 prize money to date. Thus, the winning prize also plays a crucial role in her wealth collection. She lives a comfortable life like every other successful athlete.

Seeing her performance and increase in her popularity, it can be heralded that her wealth will surge up as she will win more championships and sign with more brands. She has got a great future ahead.

Where Is Emina Bektas From? 

Emina Bektas is an American tennis player; however, she was born in Germany. She is 28 years old, born on March 30, 1993. She carries the heritage of a Bosnian ancestor. She has shown great capability in tennis.

She has represented the United States in several national and international matches. She received her career-high ranking in WTA rankings of World No. 212 in singles, on 17 January 2022. For doubles, World No. 114, on the same date as single.

She did her high school at New Braunfels High School, graduated in 2011 and after that, she joined the prestigious University of Michigan. At the University, she played tennis and garnered fame with her performance.

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