The Dave Team TikTok: What Does It Mean Dave Team Kidnapping?

The Dave Team TikTok: What Does It Mean Dave Team Kidnapping?

The Dave Team is going viral on TikTok recently after the talks of them being kidnappers started circulating.

Being outside can itself be a dangerous thing sometimes if you do not maintain a certain safety. Likewise, not keeping a specific privacy level on social media can also prove to be pretty harmful.

Recently, the talk of The Dave Team has been spreading throughout the TikTok community. As reported by Yahoo, a woman shared a video of herself almost being kidnapped from her car.

The Dave Team Kidnapping 

The Dave Team spreading on TikTok reportedly is a group of kidnappers.

Apparently, the guy named Dave is from America and does kidnappings with the help of the public social media accounts. As per the rumors on the TikTok app, this guy kidnaps kids as well as adults. 

After the kidnapping, he usually rapes them and sometimes even kills them.

While there is no specific information on whether he has a team or not, this rumor doesn’t look like a simple hoax.


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TikTok User Alerts About Potential Kidnapping Tactic 

A woman named Haley West uploaded a video sharing her experience of almost getting kidnapped on TikTok.

As per the report on Yahoo, the incident happened while West was in a supermarket. A strange man kept following her while she was moving out of the grocery store in Cincinnati. 

Further, the peculiar man even called the woman, but she didn’t react after smelling something fishy.

Upon her ignorance, the man also used other tricks to get the lady out of her car. Haley didn’t listen to the guy and drove away. 

Later, she found a half-filled bottle on the top of her car and shared the whole incident on TikTok.

Seeing her scared video, one user commented about the half-filled bottle being a potential trick to get his victim out of the car and kidnap them. However, it is not confirmed whether the guy is the same person named Dave.