Who Is “The Voyeurs” Director Michael Mohan? Everything On His Age And Wikipedia Bio

Who Is “The Voyeurs” Director Michael Mohan? Everything On His Age And Wikipedia Bio

The Voyeurs movie director Michael Mohan is not featured on Wikipedia despite his immense success and popularity.

Michael Mohan wrote and directed The Voyeurs, a 2021 American sexual thriller film.

Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith star as a young couple who spy on and get obsessed with the love lives of their neighbors across the street in this film shot and filmed in Montreal. Under their Divide/Conquer moniker, Greg Gilreath and Adam Hendricks serve as producers.

Amazon Studios published it on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service on September 10, 2021.

Let’s learn about the one behind the successful movie.

The Voyeurs: Michael Mohan Wikipedia

Micheal is a writer, director, producer, and editor mostly involving himself in filmography.

Some of his known works are P!nk Grapefruit, Everything Sucks, and two weeks with Love. Much information hasn’t surfaced about Micheal Mohan as he mostly works behind the shadows of the movies.

He doesn’t speak much about himself too, as even on his own website he has shared no personal information. He seems to take pride in his work as he can be found mostly talking about it only.

Michael Mohan Wife: Is He Married?

Michael Mohan has not said anything about having a wife or being married. He doesn’t speak much about his relationship status.

Guessing his age, he should have been married by now. If he is, his wife must be happy as Micheal has been processing a lot in his work.

There are possibilities, Micheal Mohan is not married. As his work is very demanding, requiring a huge chunk of his time. So, he may not have the time one needs to be invested in a relationship.

All the statements are speculation and may and may not be true about his wife.

Michael Mohan Age and Net Worth 

Based on Michael Mohan’s looks, his age should lie in the early 30s. Like much of his personal information he has yet to share his net worth.

Micheal Mohan’s net worth is expected to be in millions as he has worth in a number of successful movies.

Micheal is guessed to have started his career in his early 20s working in different areas of filmography. He has made great progress along the long way.

The different experienced he has gathered has abled to have an enormous net worth.

Michael Mohan Instagram

Michael Mohan is visibly active on Instagram. In fact, it is his most active social media platform.

He has gathered over 3000 followers on the platform with over 80 posts to his account.

He used his Instagram account to share his works and promote his movies.