TikTok: Did Icierra aka Cierra Green Actually Die? Cause Of Death Explained

TikTok: Did Icierra aka Cierra Green Actually Die? Cause Of Death Explained

TikTok star Icierra, also known as Cierra Green, is believed to be dead. If so, what is the cause of her death?

Cierra Green, also known by the nickname Icierra, is a 24-year-old famous TikTok Star. She had plenty of followers on the platform and created wonderful content.

Likewise, Cierra is a social media sensation and was loved by many people for her positive and amazing content.

However, most recently, she is not seen in the media for her content. Instead, she has been reported dead and her fans have been shocked after this news.

Many people are eager to find out what actually happened with her and what caused this tragedy to happen.

Is TikTok Star Icierra aka Cierra Green Dead?

Many sources have reported that the TikTok star Icierra, aka Cierra Green, is dead. But it is not confirmed yet.

Firstly, all of her content from her TikTok and other social media were deleted. Indeed, her social handles too cannot be found now since they are deleted.

This caused her fans to believe that she is dead. But there is no official news about her death yet.

She is a young person who is just 24 years old, born on May 21, 1997, who lives with her mother.

Cierra is a great fan of cosplays and she also is a great gamer, as per several reports.

Icierra TikTok Cause Of Death Explained: How Did She Die?

Since the death news itself is not confirmed yet, the cause of Icierra’s death has also not been revealed yet.

However, many people think that it can be some health issues she had. Cierra’s mother confirmed that she had mid-high functioning autism.

This is a disease that is not diagnosed until its severe symptoms start showing up. Also, there are no other details regarding her health except for her mother’s claims of this disease.

Still, it is not known if she died because of this disease or something else. Hence, nothing has been confirmed yet and all the possible causes explained are based on assumptions.