TikTok Fist Profile Picture Explained: What is Black and White Fist Profile Pic on Tik Tok

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TikTok Fist Profile Picture Explained: What is Black and White Fist Profile Pic on Tik Tok

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Black and white fist profile picture is the new trend on Tiktok which has been hailed as a good thing by some while blasted as nonsense by some people. Users have been seen using a picture of a black and white fist on their profile picture which signifies the “Black Lives Matter2 movement.

TikTok Fist Profile Picture Explained

Multiple accounts have bee seen where they have uploaded a picture of a black and white fist. Trends are always part of TikTok and they go from silly to funny to sometimes political. It is apparently an attempt to raise awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement which has been a matter of discussion in American politics for a long time.

So, this picture is just a form of online activism and a simple way people are signifying their solidarity with the cause.

What is Black and White fist anyways?

The very imagery shows maximum contrast between two colors in the spectrum. Black and white being absolutely opposite, what it signifies is the racial inequality in the United States of America.

History is proof of it and the current days are no exception to the fact that black people always have to struggle for leading a nice life in America.

We have no idea about the first person who started this trend on TikTok and we have no idea about who masterminded this digital awareness campaign. But, now there are lots of Tiktok accounts that have this profile picture showing their solidarity to the BLM cause.

What caused the triggering now?

Although the Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t started right now, there are certain reasons why this became a trending topic on TikTok just few days ago.

The murder of Ahmed Arbery by a father and a son in Georgia really prompted this movement on TikTok. The concerning thing about this attack is that normal acting, a black guy who was just jogging without affecting someone else was murdered and it took 2 months for the killer to be arrested.

Georgia already has a troubled history with racism, was again brought to light when this happened. Soon enough, this became a talking matter with politicians, journalists, Twitteratis, and as it seems even the TikTokers.

There are other videos on TikTok with the hashtag- “#BLM” which shows videos such as this…


##greenscreenvideo people try to act black until it’s time to be black πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸΎπŸ’― ##fyp ##facts ##viral ##xyzbca ##ifykyk ##blacklivesmatter ##blm ##truth

♬ original sound – aniyauheckard

Why Some People Hate BLM Movement?

Of course, wit the movement being very popular, there are supporters and there are naysayers in this as well. The issue isn’t that easy to explore.

There have been examples of some black people outraged against white people on BLM movement participations eve up to the point where white people were restricted in the protest ad so forth. 

Many people rightfully condemned such action and. said that it actually only perpetuated the racism. Some people definitely have expressed their support for the BLM movement in the wrong manner.

That is why there is a group of people who are very angry and against the BLM movement because for them it signifies hypocrisy and further racial tensions.

Digital Platforms and Activism

In all of this TikTok also gets weaved in the middle because it has a huge user base as of now. And considering the fact that most of the Tik Tok users are young, it reflects what young America is thinking.

The changing of their profile picture into a black and white picture of a fist does not solve the problem. It doesn’t do a concrete thing but it is a way to raise awareness for sure.

We will have to see it in the coming days how this story goes on developing and how social media sites such as TikTok will weigh in the conversation of race, politics in America.




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