TikTok: McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Over Kyte BABY Products -Details To Know

TikTok: McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Over Kyte BABY Products -Details To Know

McCall Deason Hazel is a popular face on TikTok who is facing criticism from fans for her racist tweet controversy Kyte Baby products.

McCall Deason is a famous TikTok personality who is famous for creating videos related to everyday mommy life with her daughter Hazel. 

However, it seems she woke up on the wrong side of social media, as she is receiving a lot of heat for her apparent racist comment over her daughter. 

So, what did she tweet and how is it related to Kyte Baby products?

Clothing: McCall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Controversy Explained

McCall Deason Hazel always showed pride for her daughter Hazel’s blue eyes on social media. 

Fans believe she only pretended that her child’s eye color did not matter when the reality was something else. She was really proud of her daughter’s blue eyes. 

As she grew up, her eyes changed and became increasingly brown with time. Thus, she started to use filters and edits on her baby’s photos and videos to make her eye color appear blue instead of brown. 

Hawk-eyed fans noticed what she was trying to do and called her out for it. Further, Deason received a lot more flak when she started a feud with Kyte Baby products, a company that is dedicated to the safety and comfort of kids.

The TikTok star often represents Kyte Baby products (KBP) on her social media but she expressed her issues with her purchased KBP goods on social media. 

Fans, who were already mad at her over her daughter’s issue, criticized her further for her careless behavior with her child. The fans also warned KBP to be aware of who they let represent their brand. 


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The owner of Kyte Baby Products then posted a video on TikTok, where she apologized on behalf of one of their employees and ensured that the baby’s comfort is the top-most priority for them.

They also announced that they have terminated all kinds of professional relationships with the said persona and will be careful in their future association with all personalities. 

McCall Deason Hazel Age & TikTok Explored

Born on 2nd April 1999, McCall Deason Hazel’s age is 22 years old currently. 

She is active on TikTok under the handle name @mccall.deason with over 1.4 million followers. She has attained more than 38.5 million likes on the video-sharing platform.

She first launched her TikTok account in February 2020 which has since grown into a family of millions. One of her most popular videos os her daughter Hazel eating food on her own. 

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