TikTok: Paeka and Gero Drama Explained- How Long Were They Together?

TikTok: Paeka and Gero Drama Explained- How Long Were They Together?

The famous TikTok stars Paeka And Gero are trending again with a new drama on the video-sharing platform. Here is all you need to know.

Paeka Degallo and Gerohan Irias are famous YouTuber, Instagram, and Tiktok celebrities who are popular for their interesting video content.

Paeka Degallo is a young star who has 1.8 million fans on Tiktok @paekadegallo and 601k followers on Instagram @paekaaa

Similarly, Gerohan Irias has 481.2k followers on Tiktok @gerohanirias and 113k followers on Instagram @gerohanirias

Paeka And Gero Drama Explained

The Paeka and Gero drama is all related to their break up, both explaining who cheated on who first.

Paeka mentioned Gero on multiple videos on TikTok and YouTube giving instances when he cheated on her first and bash him.

In response to her allegations, Gero expressed he wants to clear his name and posted videos saying how she started it.

Which led to Paeka’s another TikTok live stream, explaining how Gero has been blaming her for bashing when all she said was true.

Paeka also said that Gero’s claim of her cheating in Houston was all related to work for her new music video.

She has also stated that she will be making a Youtube video regarding this sometime soon.


Leave below any questions you guys want me to answer in this upcoming video so it can be the last time I speak on it.

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How Long Were Paeka And Gero Together?

Paeka and Gero were together for around 3 years and 5 months. They dated from October 2017 to March 2021.

Paeka announced their break up on her Instagram Story.

Paeka And Gero also had a joint YouTuber account Gero & Paeka which has been changed to Paeka Campos and contains no videos now.

They also had a joint Instagram account @geroandpaeka which is also unavailable currently.

The couple used to post some of their life experience and prank videos on their channel and had a good fan following.

Why Did Paeka And Gero Break up?

Paeka and Gero haven’t disclosed any specific reason for their break up yet but it can be inferred with the recent events that it’s related to trust issues.

The main issue where Gero and Paeka focusing on blaming who cheated on who explains that part.

Paeka posted a detailed Story on her Instagram on why she was breaking up with Gero and how she wanted to focus on self-love more.

Gerohand replied about it in his videos on TikTok after Paeka started bashing him on her videos.


i never wanted drama or things to come to this, but i have to clear my name.

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