TikTok: What Does ‘Fax No Printer Girl’ and ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ Mean? Meaning Explained

TikTok: What Does ‘Fax No Printer Girl’ and ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ Mean? Meaning Explained

If you are looking for Fax No Printer Girl on TikTok, then you have stumbled upon the correct website. Let’s find out.

TikTok is a short video-sharing platform that is being used by millions of users across the world.

With so many users on a social media platform, TikTok has provided various viral content every day. 

A new viral trend is dominating the video-sharing platform TikTok and the rest of the internet.  

So, how did the ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ started, and behind the trend known as ‘Fax No Printer Girl.’ To answer these questions, let us explore the topic in detail. 


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Who Is ‘Fax No Printer Girl’ On TikTok? Meaning Explained 

‘Fax No Printer Girl’ is the person who started the ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ in TikTok. 

She is identified as a TikTok user who is under her username @briaalanaa. However, her actual name has not come to the limelight yet. 

Briaalanaa posted her first video of the trend back in December 2020 and continued posting such videos.

Later her trend went viral on TikTok, and various other users joined her. 

Her TikTok bio reads, she is the CEO of Hey Yo, and she comes from Los Angeles.

She has amassed over 2.2M followers and has accumulated 39.4M likes. 



♬ original sound – T✨

What Does ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ Mean On TikTok? Meaning Explained

‘Fax No Printer’ essentially means agreeing to someone or something. 

However, the original phrase was ‘All Facts, No Printers’, but the all facts portion got shortened into just fax due to the social media influence. 

If we look closely, fax machines and printers are generally found in the same area; thus, ‘Fax No Printer’ makes some sense. 

The ‘Fax No Printer Jokes’ start with “Hey Yo” and various users modify the jokes according to their own needs. 

The trend has been going on in the social media platform TikTok for some time; however, there is no concrete meaning. 

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