TikTokData Privacy Settlement For Class Action Lawsuit, What Will Be Payout Per Person?

TikTokData Privacy Settlement For Class Action Lawsuit, What Will Be Payout Per Person?

TikTok is paying $92 million for a Data Privacy Settlement which accuses the app of violating user privacy and biometrics. Here is everything you need to know about this. 

Recently, a lot of people got a notification from TikTok asking them to submit a claim for compensation. 

Initially, people thought that this might be a large scam which might not be overall held by TikTok, but all the recent news makes it clear that this is surely not a scam. 

While many people are still confused about what this whole deal is about, we are here to make things clear for you and our other audiences. 

The public curiosity regarding the lawsuit, the payout for people, and the people who have a cut on this is rising very rapidly and more and more people are after it. 

TikTokData Privacy Settlement For Class Action Lawsuit

As mentioned earlier, a notification popped for the people who were using TikTok before October 1 this year, which mentioned something about a compensation claim. 

When we try to get into what happened which led to this compensation, we get into the world of accusations and denials. 

To make this sound less complicated to you, TikTok is accused of stealing users’ data in a not so legal way, and people found that out, However TikTok is denying it. 

Now, explaining it in a nerdy way, a case was filed in Illinois which said that TikTok was suing a complex (Artificial Intelligence) AI-based system for analyzing user data. 

Meaning, they were tracing the faces and other biometric details of the user, determining their race, identity, age, and gender, and providing them with similar content. 

Well, TikTok said that they are doing nothing like that, but to avoid a public Drama, the TikTok parent company ByteDance is paying $92 million for the 21 lawsuits combined. 

They revealed a statement saying, “While we disagree with the assertions, rather than go through lengthy litigation, we’d like to focus our efforts on building a safe and joyful experience for the TikTok community”. 

What Will Be Payout Per Person?

Well, $92 million is a large amount of money, but you cannot expect to get a big piece of that for yourself. 

If you are a user who has used TikTok before October for this year, you are subjected to getting a cut of the compensation. 

However, talking about how much you’ll get, it might just be over a dollar, if all of the users register for the thing. 

The precise value has not been revealed yet, but we have made a clear estimation that might be very accurate. 

As per reports, there are merely 89 million users on TikTok who have used the app before October, this year. 

So, divide the $92 million by the users, and if every one of them applies for the compensation, you will get $1.03. 

Considering a condition where only half of the users register, you’ll get about $2.06 dollars and you might get $92 if only about 12% of the user register. 

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