Tim Felt Net Worth: Everything To Know About The CEO Of Colonial Pipeline

Tim Felt Net Worth: Everything To Know About The CEO Of Colonial Pipeline

Tim Felt is the former CEO of Colonial Pipeline Company whose exact net worth is yet to be calculated.

Timothy C. Felt was a renowned CEO and President of one of the top Pipeline companies of America. 

He was a member of the Colonia Company Board for a long time and helped the company achieve various goals.

Later, it became the merit for his ascension to the position of CEO and President of Colonial Pipeline Company of America.

However, he has retired from his position in the company and has lived a simple life for more than 4 years now. 

Tim Felt Net Worth Salary

Tim Felt is the former CEO and President of Colonial Pipeline company that has a net worth of $100 billion as per Forbes.

However, his exact net worth and annual salary are yet to be determined by the official sources. 

Furthermore, based on his contributions to the development of the company he might have had a salary that was higher than others.

Similarly, he worked with the Colonial company for more than 5 years but has been retired from his position for more than 4 years.

Thus any information regarding his current net worth and salary is not estimated for now.

Tim Felt Wife And Family

Tim Felt is a married man with a loving wife and a happy family living in the State of Georgia.

However, he has not provided any details whatsoever regarding the members of his family.

Moreover, it is most likely possible that he is currently spending quality time with his family after his retirement in 2017.

Tim Felt Age And Wikipedia

Tim Felt seems to be in the age group of 60-65 years old. 

Similarly, he is not yet featured on Wikipedia despite his various accomplishments as the CEO of one of the top pipeline company. 

According to Bizjournals, before he assumed his position at Colonial Pipeline Co., he was an executive at Mobil Pipeline Co. 

Moreover, he was also the CEO of Tulsa, an Oklahoma-based Explorer Pipeline and served as an executive for Colonial for some time.

Furthermore, he is an engineering graduate from West Point University and had also worked as a captain in US Army as well.

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