How Old Is Tim Olsen? Everything To Know About Son Of John Olsen

How Old Is Tim Olsen? Everything To Know About Son Of John Olsen

Tim Olsen, aged 58, self-acclaims himself as the son of the Brush. Further, Tim Olsen’s net worth, too, might have piled up with his constant career success in the arts sector.

Tim Olsen is the owner and director of Olsen Gallery. And, he is well known as the son of a famous artist John Olsen.

Further, Tim and his sister Louise have perfectly inherited their parents’ John and Valerie Strong’s skills regarding drawings.

Grown-up in his high-profile artist father’s shadow, he was greatly influenced by his notable dad.

What Is Tim Olsen Age?

Tim Olsen’s age is 58 years old.

He was born in the year 1962, and his birthday is celebrated on the 6th of May.

Olsen had a presence at the Ian Fairweather exhibition’s opening with his artist father in 1962 August.

Who Is Tim Olsen Wife: Is The Businessman Married?

Tim Olsen married Dominique Ogilvie after separating from his first wife. 

He and his second wife Ogilvie welcomed their son, James Olsen, after that. At present, he is romantically involved with Francesca Harvey.

We also got to know that Tim had experienced a couple of failed marriages as per Canberra Times.

What Is Tim Olsen Net Worth?

Tim Olsen’s net worth is yet to be unveiled.

But, we know that his years of involvement in the arts and gallery sector might have earned him a substantial net worth size.

Before founding his gallery in 1993, he worked in and has taken management of several leading art galleries like Australian Galleries, Rex Irwin Art Gallery, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, etc.

Tim Olsen Wikipedia

There is no Wikipedia page under Tim Olsen’s name despite being one of Australia’s respectable artists and gallery owners.

What’s more, he also has no feature on his father John’s wiki.

Nonetheless, Tim has put a detailed bio about his works on his founded Olsen gallery’s website.

From there, we came to know that he is a Bachelor of Education (Visual Arts) graduate at the University of NSW, College of Fine Arts.

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