Tobias Fate

Tobias Fate

Tobias Fate is a gaming sensation earning fame as a partnered Twitch influencer. He is also well-known on YouTube as a streamer.

Quick Facts:

Name Tobias Fate
Birthday June 23, 1996
Age 24 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Esports player
Married/Single Married
Wife Ivana (rutosenpai)
Twitter @Tobias_Fate

He marked his name in the gaming field through YouTube. He uploaded his first ever video on YouTube.

Gradually, he started his Twitch channel also. And, Tobias completely devoted himself to turning into a gaming sensation. He has amassed his own separate fan base as of today. 

The video which gave him the entry point towards fame is “Who is Tobias Fate”. This YouTube clip of his made him viral. Until now, it is one of his most-watched videos in his influencing career.

Watch the video below if you don’t have any idea about it.

10 Facts On Tobias Fate

  1. Everyone would certainly agree that live streaming and esports is new business in the entertainment field. And, Tobias Fate is one of the first personalities of esports. 
  2. In his gaming career, he is popular for his playstyles in League of Legends. Ultimately, he is the competitive roster of the game.
  3. Tobias born in Canada has Michael as his real name. Though his surname is unknown. He chose to be recognized as Tobias Fate online.
  4. People admire him for mastering a League of Legends character named Gangplank. He even reached the highest rank during season 5 and season 6 of the game.
  5. From sources, we got to know that Tobias Fate’s age is 24 years at present. If you want to know his date of birth, it is June 23, 1996.
  6. His profile isn’t present on Wikipedia.
  7. Tobias revealed his face on his Twitch streams at the request of his fan following.
  8. The esports player is married to his wife, a fellow pro player rutosenpai whose real name is Ivana.
  9. He began his YouTube channel in 2016 which now has 731K subscribers.
  10. We couldn’t find his Instagram page.

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