Tom Austin

Tom Austin

Tom Austin is an American business person. He is recently famous for his false accusing black peoples of being at his gym. He called cops on a youtube named Owolabby Azeez and his friends.

Quick Facts: Tom Austin
Name Tom Austin
Birthday In 1967
Age 53 Years Old
Gender Male
Height N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Manager of F2 group
Parents N/A
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Married
Instagram N/A

The video was uploaded in youtube and other social media platforms. Recently, many cases of white calling cops on blacks have been noticed. The central park and a few other cases have been viral for a few days.

Also, the case of brutally killing a black inmate George Floyd was recently all over the internet. Moreover, this new case has changed a lot of things. Black civilians are protesting against the whites. They are against calling cops for no reason. The Managing partner overheated the issue with his phone call.

The only reason for his phone call was that he fell uncomfortable with the blacks around him. This action cost him a lot. He lost his so-called job. Also, he is accused of racism.

10 Facts About Tom Austin

  1. Tom Austin (born in 1967) is an American businessperson. He was working in the F2 intelligence group as a managing partner.
  2. He is fired from his job for his racist acts. His video of calling cops on black tenant has been viral.
  3. He is 53 years old. Also, he seems to be quite educate and mature.
  4. His net worth is under review for now.
  5. Talking about his family, their details are hidden for now.
  6. He is probably married to his life partner. However, her name is not revealed for now.
  7. He worked for the F2 group for quite a long time. He was one of the best employees there.
  8. However, discipline matters a lot in life. His video proved his social point of view which can’t be respected.
  9. The owner fired him immediately after his video went viral.
  10. Lastly, he is not available in any social media platform for now.