Is Tom Selleck Gay? Everything On His Partner And Married Life

Is Tom Selleck Gay? Everything On His Partner And Married Life

Tom Selleck is an actor who was recently rumored to be gay, but the rumor does not have an ounce of truth in it. Let’s explore more about him.

Tom Selleck is an actor and producer active in the Film Industry for more than five decades, working primarily as an actor.

The actor became immensely popular for his role as Dr. Richard Burke in the hit TV series named Friends, which helped him get nationwide fame.

He started his career in acting from the TV series named The Lancer in 1969, playing the role of a character named Dobbie.

The role did not give him much fame but helped him understand the foundation of the craft of acting.

Is Tom Selleck Gay? 

No, Tom Selleck is not gay as he has been married twice to women.

As per Gossip Cop, the rumor of him being gay started in the 80s.

He even filed a $20 million lawsuit against a news organization for spreading false rumors.

He did play a character of a gay person in a 1997 film named In and Out.

Tom Selleck Wife And Married Life

Tom Selleck married his first partner Jaqueline Ray in 1971, which ended in divorce in the year 1982.

The actor later married Jillie Mack in the year 1987 and has one daughter named Hannah from the relationship.

He also adopted his first wife’s son named Kevin Shepard, a musician and rock band member.

Talking about his married life, many accused him of being anti-gay, but he clarified that the reason for the lawsuit was for his family and relationship.

Is Tom Selleck On Instagram?

The actor is active on his Instagram account under the username @tomselleckofficial, which he uses to engage with his fans and followers.

He currently has 28.9k followers on his account.

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