Who Is Tomas Antonio Gimeno? Everything About The Father Who Kidnapped Own Children

Who Is Tomas Antonio Gimeno? Everything About The Father Who Kidnapped Own Children

Tomas Gimeno, age 37, is the father who kidnapped his two daughters, Olivia and Anna, and allegedly killed them. Where is he now?

Tomas Gimeno abducted his daughters, 6-year-old Olivia and one-year-old Anna, a month ago in an act of alleged vengeance against his ex-wife. 

Tomas and his wife Beatriz Zimmerman reportedly separated not long before he kidnapped his daughters. 

Tomas Gimeno Edad: How Old Is He?

Tomas Gimeno’s Edad (age) is 37 years old. 

But, there is no other info available about his birth. 

Tomas Gimeno Wikipedia And Profesion

Tomas Gimeno’s official Wikipedia has not been updated yet. 

On April 27, Tomas took the daughters from their mother for a short visit. The former couple had an informal agreement on visitation rights. 

Later that night, Beatriz went to take the girls home but no one was home. When she called Tomas, he said he was out with the girls for dinner and would drop them home later. 

When he did not drop them home, Beatriz called him again. This time, Tomas replied that she’d never see him or the girls again, but he’d take good care of them. 

However, after a month of investigation, one of the missing girls, Olivia is found dead in Tenerife. She was found in a bag at the bottom of the sea. She was weighed down by the anchor from her father’s boat.

There was another bag as well. But, the bag was open and empty. The authorities suspect Olivia’s little sister Anna was in the bag and may have floated away. 

Tomas Gimeno Familia

The details about Tomas Gimeno’s familia and parents are not available on the internet. 

His parents mentioned Tomas visited them on the day of disappearance and said something that sounded like a farewell. 

Tomas Gimeno On Facebook Or Instagram

Tomas Gimeno could not be traced on Facebook. 

Not only Facebook but he also could not be found on any other social media handles like Twitter or Instagram. 

Tomas Gimeno Ahora: Where Is He Now?

Tomas Gimeno’s whereabouts remain unknown at the moment. 

Police are still searching for him. 

He disappeared along with his daughters. He transferred around 55,000 euros before escaping to Tenerife by boat. 

Whether he is alive and in hiding or dead is still a mystery. 

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