Travis Gafford

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Travis Gafford

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Travis Gafford, also known by his alternate moniker “SotLTravis” is a pretty well-known name among the League of Legends fanbase. He is a League of Legends interviewer and is the host and owner of shows like State of the League and Whose League Is It Anyway.

Name Travis Gafford
Birthday May 19, 1989
Age 31 years old
Gender Male
Nationality United States
Profession Interviewer, host and Youtuber
Married/Single Single
Instagram travisgafford_
Twitter @TravisGafford
Youtube Travis Gafford

Travis who was interested in online gaming since his early life is now a journalist in the same field. He has interviewed some of the renowned people in the world of gaming which can be seen on his YouTube channel. 


Travis Gafford is best known for producing and directing “Whose League Is It Anyway” in the year 2012 and “PlayMakers” in 2018. He currently owns the shows “State of the League” and “Whose League is it Anyway”. He started his career with the help of fellow MMO player Veigar who later went on to join Riot Games. 

10 FACTS ON Travis Gafford

  1. Travis Gafford, profoundly known as “SotLTravis” was born on 19th May 1989. His age as of the year 2020 is 31.
  2. Travis has multiple sources of income. His net worth is still under review. However, his youtube channel has a net worth amounting to $45000(approx).
  3. Travis Gafford is an esports games player or more of an interviewer who began his career at League of Legend. He started his new career after leaving his days as an MMO player behind.
  4.  Gafford was a once roommates with famous gamer Doblelift and lived with Scarra for a month. 
  5. According to some sources, he is in a relationship with Nicole LaPointe. But, we have yet to confirm the news.  
  6.  Travis admitted that he loves listening to audiobooks and doesn’t miss out on windows weekly podcast with Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott.  
  7. Travis Gafford studied at a local school and did his higher studies at California State University. He has a degree in BA communication studies.
  8. Travis has 208K subscribers on his youtube channel and 23.1K followers on his Instagram account.
  9. Travis Gafford lives in Los Angeles at present.
  10. The super talented esports veteran has also worked in shows like IPL and MLG.

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