Tshepo Tshola Dies At The Age Of 67 From COVID- A Look At His Wife, Net Worth & Biography

Tshepo Tshola Dies At The Age Of 67 From COVID- A Look At His Wife, Net Worth & Biography

Legendary singer Tshepo Tshola has passed away due to Covid-19 complications at the age of 67. 

Tshepo Tshola was a renowned singer and songwriter.

He was known as the former lead vocalist of the musical band Sankomota.

The singer dedicated his life to creating music and had over four decades of experience in the music industry. 

Who Was Tshepo Tshola Wife?

Renowned singer Tshepo Tshola’s wife passed away nearly three decades ago. 

He never talked about his wife in his life as it probably brought back old memories.

Tshepo did not remarry after his wife’s demise and dedicated his whole life to his two children and music. He is survived by his kids Kamogelo and Katlego

Both of his children followed in his footsteps and are vocalists. 

Speaking of his other family members, Tshepo was raised in a musical family. His parents were Lesotho Vertical 8 vocalists. 

Tshepo’s father was a preacher and his mother was a priest. His parents’ names are not known. 

Tshepo Tshola Age & Biography- How Old Was He?

Tshepo Tshola’s age was 67 years old at the time of his death. 

He was born sometime in the year 1953 in South Africa, Lesotho. He held South African nationality. 

Further, Tshepo is an award-winning musician. His debut album, A New Dawn, was a great success and received critical acclaim from all around the world. 

He was a former band member of Sankomota. The band was originally named Uhuru and was formed in 1976. Aside from Tshepo, it consisted of members like Frank Leepa, Moruti Selate, Moss Nkofo, Black Jesus, Pitso Sera, and more. 

Tshepo was the lead vocalist of the band. After the band disbanded, he began his solo career and was equally successful. 

Some of his most successful songs include Nonyana, Shine Your Light, Ho Lokile, Kingdom King, Lehlapahlapa, Tshedza Tshanga, and many more. 

What Is Tshepo Tshola Net Worth?

According to latestcelebrities.com, Tshepo Tshola has a net worth of around $200 thousand. 

The singer may have earned a generous amount of money to support a comfortable lifestyle throughout his career.  

However, the late singer’s verified net worth is still under review. 

Singer Tshepo Tshola Cause Of Death 

Singer Tshepo Tshola died on the morning of July 15, 2021, due to COVID-19 complications

He passed away in his home in Lesotho. His aunt confirmed the sad news to his friend and fellow musician Mzwakhe Mbuli. 

Mr. Tshepo was doing well a few weeks ago and even attended the funeral of a close family member in Lesotho. However, his health deteriorated after contracting the coronavirus.

Since the news is released, condolences are pouring in from all over the world for the late singer. Undoubtedly, Tshepo’s death has left a gaping hole in his family’s life as well as in the music industry. 

Our condolences are with him and his family in grief.