Twitch: Does Zerkaa Have A Kid? Everything On His Wife Age And Net Worth

Twitch: Does Zerkaa Have A Kid? Everything On His Wife Age And Net Worth

The famous Twitch streamer Zerkaa has no kids at the moment with his long-time partner Freya. Get more info about the pro gamer Zerkaa in the article below.

Zerkaa is a British Twitch star and creates videos. His real name is Joshua Charlie Joseph Bradley. He goes by his game name Zerkaa or Josh Zerker on social media platforms.

Further, Zerkaa founded ZRK, an Internet Made Garments, and Sidemen Clothing. What’s more, he is also an important part of Sidemen.

He officially joined YouTube in 2008 and initially uploaded gameplay videos of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But later, he went on to post games like FIFA and other football-related videos.

Quick Facts:
Name Zerkaa(Joshua Bradley)
Birthday September 4, 1992
Age 28
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Twitch Star
Married/Single Dating(Freya Nightingale)
Instagram @zerkaa
Twitter @ZerkaaHD
Youtube Zerkaa

Does Zerkaa Have A Kid? 

The Twitch streamer Zerkaa has no kid at present. 

On March 26, he has made a video titled “Becoming parents for 24 hours challenge” a week before where he parents a toy kid, Alexandar. 

According to his one YouTube video, he is not ready to have children at present. But in the future, he would like to have 2 kids.

Zerkaa Wife And Age

Zerkaa is not married yet. However, he does have a girlfriend named Freya Nightingale, commonly known as Freyz. 

Zerkaa fans will surely know his girlfriend, whom he has been with for over 10 years. They have been together since their teenage days. 

He and his partner Freyz both are streamers and do have their own YouTube gaming channel. In fact, Freya is scared to be pregnant and have kids, so they have to put their parenthood dreams on hold.

Born in the year 1992, a 28 years old Zerkaa celebrates his birthday on September 4.

How Much Is Zerkaa Net Worth?

Zerkaa has made a net worth of $242K to $1.45 million as per

This data is extracted after analyzing his one YouTube channel Zerkaa which has over 4 million subscribing members.

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