Who Is Jellybean On Twitch – How Old? Details To Know About The Streamer

Who Is Jellybean On Twitch – How Old? Details To Know About The Streamer

Twitch streamer Jellybean was born and raised in America is a bisexual high schooler.

Jellybean recently hit a milestone of one million subscribers on her youtube channel in January.

The feat is more astonishing when you realize that she didn’t have more than 10k subscribers just two months ago.

Famously known for her catchphrases, it’s not a mistake, it’s a masterpiece, the teenager has yet to reveal her real name.

Twitch: How Old Is Jellybean, Age, and Wikipedia

Jellybean is a Youtuber and Twitch streamer from America born on November 23rd.

As she is a bisexual girl, she prefers the pronouns she/they. In a recent clip, she declared that she would be shifting to an online school to escape from the growing infected numbers.

Regarding her personal life, she is a very private person. Other than her social media activities, the is hardly anything about her on the internet.

Indeed, working in front can get frighting for some as she lets her avatar do the talking on Twitch.

What Is The Real Name Of Jellybean, And Has She Done A Face Reveal?

Twitch streamer Jellybean has done a face reveal but has yet to do a name reveled.

On her Instagram account, her first picture was of her kneeling in an abandoned build, with walls covered in graffiti.

Although streamer refrains from posting much about her personal life, it’s evident that she is a female on the younger side.

Indeed, she dressed in a t-shirt and cargo pants is spent most of her day gaming on her PC.

You can follow her on her Twitter handle, where she does the most communication with her fans.

Does Jellybean Have A Partner Or Girlfriend?

Jellybean seems to be single as she has yet to get a girlfriend or partner.

In her first Instagram post, she expressed her anger for relationships on her hashtags. 

Besides, her attention is on growing her following as she regularly updates her social networks.

You can follow her on her Instagram account jellybeangaming12345 and be a part of her 56 followers.

What Is The Net Worth Of the Jellybean?

As of 2022, the net worth of the Jellybean is still under evaluation. She makes her living by working as a Twitch streamer and Youtube star. 

On the platform, she has accumulated around 177k followers by posting Minecraft videos.

Her enthusiastic voice, accompanied by her love for her watchers, is very much enjoyed by her subscribers.

Indeed, she maximizes her following by reporting clips in Youtuber and Youtube shorts.


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