Who Is Pyromancer On Twitch? Details To Know About The Twitch Streamer

Who Is Pyromancer On Twitch? Details To Know About The Twitch Streamer

 Pyromancer is gaining a lot of attention and subscribers too in the famous streaming platform Twitch. Learn everything you want to know about him.

Twitch has provided a streaming platform to many famous personalities on the web.

One of the popular streamers right now is Pyromancer. Learn what we know about him.

Who Is Pyromancer On Twitch? Real Name Explored

Pyromancer, real name Tyler, is a well-known Twitch streamer. Pyromancer is a single game streamer that only plays Final Fantasy XIV Online.

In 2022, Pyromancer streamed a total of 46 hours. Pyromancer broadcasts a few hours every day. Twitch Partner: Pyromancer.

According to Twitch statistics, Pyromancer presently has 83,612 followers, 1,945,178 total channel views, and has played 1 game.

Pyromancer currently has 998 active Twitch subscribers.

Details about Pyromancer Age Height & Net Worth Explored

The exact details about Pyromancer’s age and height are shared by him. Based on his Twitter bio, he is 25 years old meanwhile, his height stands at 6 feet 1 inch.

Similarly, information about his net worth also remains unknown, but as a Twitch streamer, we guess him to have a net worth close to 100k USD.

Expert streamers may earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month on average by playing 40 hours per week.

This figure excludes ad income, which averages around $250 per 100 members. Twitch may be quite profitable if you put in the effort and build a good audience.

The extreme top of Twitch makes a lot of money; these broadcasters get an extra $1 each subscriber because of their rank, meaning they make $3.50 per sub compared to $2.50 per sub.

Was Pyromancer Banned?

It doesn’t seem Pyromancer has been banned from Twitch as he had just ended his stream 8 hours ahead of this writing.

We think people have got Pyromancer confused with the card which was banned from form its card game.

Well, the card seems to be quite famous as it was listed for sale at 1000$ USD.

The card Seasoned Pyromancer aka Magic: The Gathering card seems to have its own importance as people were quite angry after the card was banned from competitive use.

So, Pyromancers has not been banned from any of his streaming platforms.

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