Twitch Streamer Stukawaki Banned- Cheating And Hacking Drama Explained

Twitch Streamer Stukawaki Banned- Cheating And Hacking Drama Explained

Call of Duty: Warzone video game streamer Stukawaki was banned while streaming a tournament for allegedly cheating and hacking. 

Video game players and streamers sometimes try to find a shortcut to win titles or defeat a boss. If their skillset seems weak, they resort to hacking the game or cheating using various tools available. 

A similar incident happened with the famous twitch streamer of Call of Duty: Warzone streamer Stukawaki while streaming a tournament worth $20k. 

He was first kicked from the server and later he was notified about his account being permanently banned for cheating and hacking. 

The player Stukawaki seemed confused when he was kicked from the server and received such notification in the beginning. 

Let us learn more about streamer Stukawaki and take a closer look at his cheating drama and real name. 

Why Is Twitch Streamer Stukawaki Banned? Cheating Drama Explained

Twitch streamer Stukawaki was banned from the server while playing a tournament worth $20k in a live stream. 

The reason as per the notification he received for his ban was due to cheating or hacking. 

However, the streamer denied any such actions of hacking or using unethical tools to win the game. 

He then contacted the company Activision, the company that made the game Call of Duty: Warzone, and spoke with them. 

Soon after, the cheating drama of Stukawaki was over and he got his account back and was with his teammates playing. 

The company confirmed, his account was compromised and the hacking was done by someone else. 

Stukawaki Age: How Old Is He?

Stukawaki seems to fall into the age group of 20-25 years old, judging by his images and career. 

However, he has never revealed his actual age to the general public yet. 

Similarly, information about his date of birth is also not available to the public yet. Making it very difficult for his fans and followers to wish him on his birthday. 

Information about his zodiac sign and personality is also a mystery for now. 

Stukawaki Real Name And Face Revealed

Stukawaki has not revealed his real name to his fans or followers yet. 

Nonetheless, the e-sport player is widely known by his gaming alias Stukawaki in the e-sport community. 

However, the streamer has revealed his face to his fans. He is seen streaming with a facecam showing his face to his followers. 

Meet Stukawaki On Instagram

We have not found a verified account for Stukawaki on Instagram yet. 

However, the streamer is found using Twitter very actively. 

We can find him using Twitter with his username @Stukawaki

He has over 9.1k followers on his Twitter account.