UFC: Is Jake Collier Muslim? His Back Tattoo Meaning Revealed -More Details To Know

UFC: Is Jake Collier Muslim? His Back Tattoo Meaning Revealed -More Details To Know

Jake Collier may or may not be a Muslim, but he is undoubtedly a sight to see during his matches in the UFC. 

Jake Collier has made a spot for himself in UFC history as the 13th fighter to score victories in 3 weight divisions: heavyweight, light heavyweight, and middleweight.

He faces Chase Sherman in UFC Fight Night on January 16 on Sunday. ESPN will cover it. 

Before signing with the UFC, he had a 7–1 record, including a first-round stoppage of Gabriel Checco at RFA 19.

Learn About UFC: Is Jake Collier Muslim? Who Is His Wife?

Nicknamed as The Prototype, Jake Collier has not come forward with his religion. Though he was born in the United States, he probably didn’t have anyone recognizing themselves as a Muslim in his immediate family. 

It is doubtful he is a Muslim. Like most people born into an American family, he is probably a Christain. Considering everything, it is hard to say whether or not he is a Muslim. 

Although he is married to his wife, her name is not known. Together, they have given birth to two sons.

Who Are The Parents Of Jake Collier? What Is His Nationality?

Jake Collier was born to his parents in Missouri in the year 1988. His father went by Rodney Collier, who died much too soon. The name of his mother is not known.

His nationality is American. He celebrates his birthday on October 23 every year and is currently 33.

At 120 kg, he stands at 1.9m in height.

Collier made his professional debut in November 2010 after collecting a 12–2 amateur record. He mainly competed for regional groups in his home state of Missouri.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Back Tattoo Of Jake Collier?

Jake Collier is famous for his tattoos, and he has decorated himself quite beautifully with symbols unique to him in meaning. Though he has recently come into the limelight for his back tattoos, he has designed them all over his body by a professional. 

It is not sure what he has tattooed on his back. Besides the one on his back, he has nine tattoos. A crying angel rests on his left bicep as a tribute to his father.

He has skulls all over his shoulders, across and angel wings on his left pec, hands of Hamsa on his inner right forearm, and stars tattoo on both sides of his stomach.

He has tattooed the word family on the inner side of his left bicep. For him, family is everything.

Jake Collier Net Worth 2022 Revealed – How Rich Is He? 

Rodney Jacob Collier, otherwise known as Jake Collier in the ring of UFC, has an estimated net worth somewhere in the millions. Some say he may have assets worth anywhere up to $5 million. 

Born in America, the mixed martial artist participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s heavyweight division. Jake began Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of 20 to shed weight despite having no prior athletic experience.

He eventually began engaging in the sport, competing in an amateur mixed martial arts match.

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