Unpolished: Big Mike Martone: What We Know About Martone Family Net Worth

Unpolished: Big Mike Martone: What We Know About Martone Family Net Worth

The Martone family’s net worth amounts to $3 million; what are their income sources?

The show titled Unpolished is based on two sisters named Lexi and Bria as well as their family. Lexi is a popular nail artist; whereas, Bria is a makeup and hair artist. Their father Mike Martone is known to be the head patriarch of the Martone Family. 

So, let us know the Martone Family from the show, Unpolished. In addition to this, let us get to known who was Big Mike Martone, his wife, and children’s detail. 

Quick Facts:

Name Big Mike Martone
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Married
Wife Jennifer Martone
Children Lexi Martone, Bria Martone

Martone Family Net Worth

According to The Cinemaholic, the Martone family sisters have a net worth of about $3 million in 2021.

This is the total amount of net worth earned by the Martone family from their salon and other business of the family members. 

Who Was Big Mike Martone?

Big Mike Martone was the head patriarch of the Martone Family. He worked as a plumber. In addition to this, he was the owner of a sanitary business. 

Unfortunately, Mike is no more and died in May 2020. His death cause is not known. But, some of the tipsters have revealed his cause of death to be cancer;  whereas, others have guessed to have something with Covid-19.

Big Mike Martone Wife, Children, And Family

Big Mike Martone left behind his wife Jennifer Martone. They were together for more than twenty-five years until Mike’s death in May 2020. Jennifer is known to be the manager of their salon. 

Now, coming to his children, Big Mike had two daughters. His eldest daughter’s name is Lexi Martone while the younger one is called Bria Martone. Lexi is a nail artist and is known for making 3D nail art designs.

Likewise, Bria is known to be a makeup as well as a hair artist. Both the sisters work together in Long Island Salon.

Lexi and Bria are helped by their grandmother named Eleanor Varozzi, also known as Foxy Grandma. Varozzi is a hairstylist.  

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