Who Is Bassist Victoria De Angelis Boyfriend? Partner and Dating Life Explained

Who Is Bassist Victoria De Angelis Boyfriend? Partner and Dating Life Explained

Italian bassist Victoria De Angelis has finally opened up on her boyfriend and dating life after getting romantically linked to a fellow band member.

Victoria de Angelis is an upcoming Italian musician.

She is best known as the bassist for the Rome-based band, Maneskin. Along with Victoria, the band includes other members, including Damiano David (lead singer), Thomas Raggi (guitarist), and Ethan Torchio (drummer).

Angelis has been the only female member of the musical group Maneskin, which was officially formed in 2016.

Victoria, along with her band, is trending after Maneskin recently won the Eurovision Song Contest. This is the third time Italy has won the competition.

Victoria De Angelis Boyfriend: Partner And Dating Life Explored

Italian musician Victoria De Angelis isn’t currently dating a boyfriend.

During an interaction with Cosmopolitian, Angelis expressly mentioned her relationship status as single. The bassist claimed that she is still too young to be involved in a serious relationship.

But, just because Victoria is single, doesn’t mean there are no rumors surrounding her dating life. In fact, the musician has been, on multiple occasions, romantically linked with her fellow band member Damiano David. 

The bond between Victoria and Damiano, as evidenced on her Instagram, can fool anyone into believing that they are dating. The rumors of the bandmates dating were so widespread at one point that Angelis had to come forward to debunk the gossips.

Victoria mentioned that though she shared an intimate bond with Damiano which can be called more than friends or brother, the two never dated in real life.

Who Are Victoria De Angelis Parents?

Italian bassist Victoria De Angelis hasn’t talked much about her parents but there are a few details about her mother.

Victoria was raised by her mother named Jeanett but info regarding her father is not available.

Also, she has not mentioned anything about her other family members, including her siblings, grandparents, and so on.

Victoria De Angelis Nationality And Ethnicity

Victoria De Angelis is an Italian by nationality. 

Though the 21-year-old bassist was born in Denmark, she is now a proud Italian citizen. She also made her country proud by recently winning the Eurovision Contest along with her band.

Regarding her ethnicity, Victoria appears to be Caucasian. However, additional details about her ethnicity and ancestry are not currently disclosed.

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