Who Is Lucydasshh TikTok? Viral Cheating Video And Boyfriend Revealed

Who Is Lucydasshh TikTok? Viral Cheating Video And Boyfriend Revealed

Lucydasshh is a TikTok star who has recently exposed her boyfriend as he was cheating on her, through his phone messages. 

Lucydasshh is a TikTok celebrity from the United States. 

Lucydasshh is generating news for a while also becoming a hot subject owing to her video clip sparking controversy on social media.

Since the video was discovered on the internet, it has had a big number of views and replies, as there is seldom anybody here who has not connected with the film.

She has shared footage while driving as her boyfriend was lying on the backside and kept on talking to an anonymous girl with whom he wants to meet as soon as possible.

He even gave her a date that they should meet on January 12th, 2022, since coming into the limelight through her video, which is now surfacing on internet sites.

Video: Lucydasshh TikTok-Boyfriend And Cheating Video Explained

Lucydasshh from TikTok uploaded a video exposing her cheating boyfriend, which has become an internet sensation all over the world. 

You can see in the video how she is looking at his discussion with that girl while he was attempting to sleep, but she knew all.

She, therefore, uploaded tape as well to expose everyone to his exploit.

As soon as the video goes viral on social media, it receives a massive response from people.

Whoever is hearing the comment in the video is having shocked reactions since her partner is doing such things in front of her, which is disrespectful and not at all right.

However, no information about her lover is revealed, resulting in a large number of searches on their name.

Following the encounter, both became embroiled in an argument since he was cheating on her by having an affair with someone else, which is wrong.

Lucydasshh Wikipedia And Bio Explored

According to reports, Lucydasshh is a well-known TikTok star who also works as a hairdresser and has a salon in Brooklyn.

Lucydasshh’s true name is Lucy Dash. We couldn’t find her Reddit or Twitter profiles right now.

Her birthday is the 14th of March, 1998. Lucy is a Pisces who resides in Brooklyn, New York, and has an American identity as well as a black ethnic background.

@lucydasshh #fypシ #viral #viralvideo #foryou ♬ original sound

She already had a few thousand followers, but her viral video footage has garnered her a large following.

People felt it was simply a hat and a ruse for her to achieve recognition through social media from the outset.

Everyone was taken aback by the second half of the video, which arrived hours after the first.

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