Von Dutch Clothing: Who Is Tonny Sorensen And Where Is He Now? Everything To Know

Von Dutch Clothing: Who Is Tonny Sorensen And Where Is He Now? Everything To Know

The businessman Tonny Sorensen with a net worth of $19 million is currently leading another online community.

Tonny Sorensen is a Danish entrepreneur and creative director best recognized for the commercialization of Von Dutch.

Von Dutch is a California-based Kustom Kulture brand that is known for its creative and attractive designs.

While he grew the company as its CEO, Sorensen sold his stake in the company in 2009 to become the CEO of an online artistic company Planet Illogica.

Since then, people have not heard of the person and the community doesn’t seem to be growing with that pace.

Amid this time phase, people are curious to know about the present situation of Tonny Sorensen along with his other personal details.

What Is Tonny Sorensen Net Worth?

Tonny Sorensen is reported to have a net worth value of $19 million, according to Net Worth Post.

It also mentions his brief career where he is best recognized for leading the Kustom Kulture brand Von Dutch.

It was during this time that the entrepreneur is thought to have made massive wealth which is still present at the time.

During 2003 and 2004, the shirts and hats made by Von Dutch were worn by major celebrities such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and so on.

Because of this, the sales were over a hundred million which eventually increased the profit taken home by Sorensen.

How Old Is Tonny Sorensen?

The Danish businessman Tonny Sorensen’s age is 57 years old.

He was born on March 9, 1964, in Copenhagen, Denmark, and grew up with his family in the area.

Growing up, Tonny tried different fields, searching for success. But it was his work as CEO at the age of his 30s that made him successful.

Besides that, other information about his childhood is not known.

Tonny Sorensen Wikipedia

Tonny Sorensen does have a dedicated Wikipedia page that highlights his major career events and success.

He graduated with two bachelor’s degrees, one in engineering and another in business and trade.

On top of that, he was a national-level Taekwondo champion and won the gold medal in Wold Taekwondo Championships in Athens in 1991.

He also represented team Denmark in the 1988 Summer Olympics in the sport.

Furthermore, he later studied acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking and even made a film in 1998.

Finally, it was his style of management and creativity that earned him recognition in the industry, carving the path for his success.

Tonny Sorensen Wife And Children

Tonny Sorensen is thought to be married and has a loving wife.

However, the person has never really opened up about his personal life on the media and Tonny cannot be found on social media platforms as well.

Because of that, there is no information about the identity and other details of his wife.

Similarly, it is also unknown if Sorensen has any child.

Where Is Tonny Sorensen Now?

Tonny Sorensen is currently reported to be working as the CEO of Planet Illogica.

His Wikipedia as well as other bio pages mention him to be working as the leader of the online community at the moment.

However, Planet Illogica doesn’t have an online reputation and cannot be found in detail as well.

Because of this, we doubt if the community is actually growing.

Nonetheless, he has not been covered since the early 2010s, thus, his present situation is unexplored.

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