Von Dutch: Who Is Mike Cassel And Where Is He Now? Everything To Know

Von Dutch: Who Is Mike Cassel And Where Is He Now? Everything To Know

Who Is Mike Cassel? Find out more about the age and Wikipedia of the initial Von Dutch creator who is recently seen in Hulu’s crime series The Curse of Von Dutch. 

Michael Cassel, widely recognized as Mike Cassel, is an American businessman who is recognized for initially creating the clothing brand Von Dutch with his associates. 

Well, initially this brand was started by a person show served time in prison for drug abuse and trafficking, Mike Cassel, a model who barely got out of a shooting incident, and a retired athlete with an acting career. 

Considering an owner of a company being people with such a crooked reputation, they had a hard time getting a start to this company. 

Eventually, they found investors and the company became very big, but Mike was not there because he was thrown off the company after 2 years. 

He blamed that they stole his baby and they are doing whatever they want with his creation. With all this seen in the new show, people are pretty eager to find out more about them. 

Indeed, concerns regarding his age, Wikipedia, family, net worth, and related matters are at their peak and rising all over the web right now. 

Von Dutch: Who Is Mike Cassel? His Age And Wikipedia Explored

The age of the Von Dutch creator Mike Cassel is about 55 years old now. 

However, his exact age or date of birth is not revealed anywhere yet. We have estimated his age on the basis of his appearance and his life experience. 

Talking about Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform either because he did not get to become that famous. 

He had a good start but his career was filled with barriers because of the drug problem, specifically, the cocaine bust. 

This led to a bad reputation of the brand Von Dutch and Mik eventually had to get out of there for the brand to run properly. 

Well, Von Dutch is a still running great luxury brand, but there is no relation between them and like anymore apart from the name of the founders. 

Mike Cassel Family Explored

There is not a lot of information regarding anyone who might belong to Mike Cassel’s family. 

Well, as mentioned earlier, he is not so popular personality now, unlike the other founders of the organization, so there is not much public information about him. 

So, obviously, the personal details about him are even harder to find out. Hence, we are unsure about his family members or any other aspects of his family. 

Mike Cassel Net Worth Revealed: How Rich Is He?

The estimated net worth of businessman Mike Cassel might be around $100,000. 

Well, he might have been worth a lot more if he was a constant part of his original brand Von Dutch, but things went terribly wrong. 

However, he still might have a net worth of about a hundred thousand dollars. 

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