Was Im Tyrone Shot? YouTuber Fake Death News On Reddit -Everything To Know

Was Im Tyrone Shot? YouTuber Fake Death News On Reddit -Everything To Know

Youtuber Im Tyrone got shot three times in the chest amidst a prank gone wrong.

Im Tyrone almost lost his life after his prank went wrong. He approached Serita, intending to get a response out of her husband.

The tables turned on him after he found himself on a trip to the emergency room.

Although Williams got arrested at the crime scene, his wife, Serita, said it was bound to happen.

Now, he is facing charges of aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a weapon.

Was Im Tyrone Shot? -YouTuber Fake Death News On Reddit

Youtube star Im Tyrone got shot three times after asking a Texan resident, Darnell Williams, to have a moment with his wife.

Although there is fake news of his passing, they are merely not true.

Initially, the act was a part of a joke. Eye witness recalled watching him aggressively approach the man several times.

His behavior was not appreciated, getting asked to leave the premises. Failing to access the danger of the situation, he found himself faced with the 9-milliliter piston, and the next thing he knew, he got shot.

The incident happened in 2015.

Im Tyrone Age And Wikipedia- Who Is He?

Internet sensation Im Tyrone or Tyrone Jones was born on August 24th, 1985, making him 34 years old.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was the class clown. So, it came as no surprise when he joined youtube to put a smile on people’s faces.

Despite being a prankster, he has a relatively clean image with no controversies. Indeed, he got his training in Jiu-Jitsu, where he got taught how to take care of his body.

Does Im Tyrone Have A Wife- Meet Him On Instagram

Im Tyrone does not have a wife or a partner. Besides, he enjoys his life as a single man and keeps away from dating rumors.

Recurrently, his collaboration includes women with bikinis, insinuating something more, but that is just a part of their work.

You can follow him on his Instagram account naphil_hd and be part of his one million followers.

What Is The Net Worth Of Im Tyrone?

As of 2022, the net worth of Im Tyrone is in the millions. He makes his living by working as a content creator and prankster on Youtube.

Since the rise of TikTok, he has moved on to the platform, where he gained a following of 4.3 million people. Indeed, he has gathered over 64 million likes across all his videos.

He maximized his followed by opening a Twitch account where he has yet to upload a video.

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Was Im Tyrone Shot? YouTuber Fake Death News On Reddit -Everything To Know

Youtuber Im Tyrone got shot three times in the chest amidst a prank gone wrong. Im Tyrone almost lost his...

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