Was Joseph Rosenbaum Jewish? Everything On His Kids And More

Was Joseph Rosenbaum Jewish? Everything On His Kids And More

Joseph Rosenbaum was not Jewish as there are no mentions about him being Jewish on the web or any of the publications. There are no sources revealing Rosenbaum’s religion as of now. 

Joseph Rosenbaum was one of the people to be killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the last year’s street unrest and protest in August 2020. He was shot four times by Rittenhouse, two times from front, one time from back, and once in the side of his head. 

As the final trial for Kyle completed recently, Rosenbaum is trending on the internet once again and his justice has been served as Rittenhouse will be behind bars for the rest of his life. 

Let us learn more about Joseph Roesenabum and take a closer look at his Wikipedia and wife. 

Was Joseph Rosenbaum Jewish? Wikipedia Explored

Joseph Rosenbaum is not Jewish as there is no evidence to support the claim available on the web. 

He was not much of a recognized person and celebrity at the time of his death so a Wikipedia profile containing his wiki and bio is also not available. 

However, Joseph has been mentioned several times in the Wikipedia article containing the Kenosha unrest shooting. 

He was killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the street protest and unrest last year in August along with another man named Anthony Huber. 

Joseph’s age was 36 years old at the time when he was shot dead. Much about his place of birth and hometown is not known as of now but could be a native of Arizona. 

Did Joseph Rosenbaum Have Wife & Kids?

Joseph Rosenbaum did not have a wife at the time of his death as he was not married to anyone. 

Instead, Rosenbaum was engaged to his wife-to-be Kariann Swart. 

The couple met back in the year 2019 and were homeless. They were spending their time in a nearby motel when he was shot fatally. Joseph and Kariann spent their time talking to each other, joking, and laughing. 

Swart was by his side when he was fighting his depression and also cared for him as he suffered from bipolar disorder.

Joseph has a daughter according to CNN but the information about his daughter has not come to the surface yet. He also has a younger brother named Clint Rosenbaum according to a verified Go Fund Me page. 

What Were Joseph Rosenbaum Crimes?

Joseph Rosenbaum was convicted criminal and had spent a decade in prison. 

He spent over 10 years of his life serving his sentence in an Arizona prison after he was convicted of sexual conduct with a minor.

On January 22, 2007, Joseph Rosenbaum was found guilty of assault with a weapon, possession or manufacture of a weapon on May 15, 2008, tampering with security or safety development on April 10, 2009, arson and possession of drugs or narcotics on October 23, 2009, and tampering with security or safety development on April 10, 2009, according to Conan Daily.

In Arizona, he was found guilty of assaulting employees on March 16, 2009, April 10, 2009, March 3, 2010, and March 31, 2010, as well as impeding employees on August 17, 2010. His list of criminal activities is not limited to the ones mentioned here. 

Where Was Joseph Rosenbaum From?

Joseph Rosenbaum could be a native of Tempe, Arizona, USA. 

He went to attend McClintock High School in Tempe, Arizona, the USA in his teen years. 

However, much about his hometown and birthplace has not come to the surface as of now. 

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