Watch: Who Was Stephen Thomas? Shot To Death And Robbery Video On Reddit -In Details

Watch: Who Was Stephen Thomas? Shot To Death And Robbery Video On Reddit -In Details

Who was Stephen Thomas, the deceased shot by police? Find more about the detail below. 

Stephen Thomas was a 36 years old man.

The deceased who committed a weird and suspicious task was recently announced dead as per the online sources.

Watch: Who Was Stephen Thomas? Shot To Death

Stephen Thomas was recently shot to death by the Metro police officers as per 8News Now.

He was killed on Wednesday and it is found that he had been arrested on arson charges in May this year. Actually, in the same month, Thomas was accused of lighting a fire and spreading a dangerous powder on the ground.

For performing such things, Stephen was reported by the concerned law enforcement agencies. As a result, he was arrested on burglary charges with a deadly weapon and also for dispersing a malicious substance, and arson.

In fact, at that time in May, he was believed to be performing some kind of ritual after the police saw the CCTV footage.

More on Stephen Thomas’s death case, it all started as a bank robbery investigation when detectives determined Thomas had been involved in several robbery attempts in the area.

After a vigorous search, police succeeded in tracking the criminal Thomas at an apartment complex near Cheyenne and Tenaya. It is also found that the police killed himself for and in their self-defense.

It is also noted that Thomas drew a handgun towards the police and in defence, police officers shot him. After being gunned, he was rushed to hospital but after some time, he died at the hospital in the evening.

Stephen Thomas Age: How Old Was He?

Stephen Thomas’s age was just 36 years old at the time of his death.

Who Was Stephen Thomas Girlfriend? 

We are currently unknown about Stephen Thomas’s girlfriend and wife.

What’s more, even the relationship status of the deceased is unknown. It comes as no surprise as Stephen was a non-public figure and also he had bever shared his pictures on the web. 

Thus, we are also clueless about Stephen Thomas’s facial appearance. 

Stephen Thomas Robbery Video On Reddit

There are no Stephen Thomas’s robbery videos found on the web for now.

Similarly, we also checked the Reddit account to have more detailed information about the deceased be it his personal or professional life.

Where Was Stephen Thomas From?

Stephen Thomas was from the US and seemed to be from Las Vegas. 

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