Photos: Who is Wendy Jordan? Murder Timeline & Case Update

Photos: Who is Wendy Jordan? Murder Timeline & Case Update

The photo of John Eric Armstrong who killed Wendy Jordan is being searched all over the internet right now. Continue reading this article for the case update.

Young women were turning found deceased at an alarming rate in and around Detroit in the early months of 2000. Investigators considered the genuine threat of a serial murderer while they handled the cases.

A woman’s partially dressed body was discovered in the frigid Rouge River in Dearborn Heights, west of Detroit, on January 2. Investigators ruled out suicide and speculated that she was thrown off a bridge.

Don Riley, a former Dearborn Heights PD detective sergeant, told “Twisted Killers,” which airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Oxygen, that the intention was “to either hurt her, murder her, or dispose of her corpse.”

Photos: Who is Wendy Jordan? Murder Timeline 

A post-mortem examination revealed that the victim had been strangled on January 3. The rape kit was used. Wendy Jordan, 39, was identified by her fingerprints as a woman who had previously been arrested in Detroit on soliciting charges. Detectives pressed on, determined to identify her assailant.

During the interrogation, the killer’s name was discovered to be John Eric Armstrong. James Hines, a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office detective, touched Armstrong’s hand and produced DNA.

Armstrong admitted to picking up the victims, having intercourse with them, then strangling them with his hands or their tights once he was apprehended.

Armstrong later admitted to killing Wendy Jordan. Investigators stated, “He wasn’t familiar with the train lines yet.” “So he flung her body into the river over the bridge railing.”

He then admitted to killing prostitutes while serving in the Navy. In Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong, he claimed to have murdered women. According to the Seattle Times, he might have as many as 20 victims.

Where Is John Eric Armstrong Now? Case Update

The trial of Armstrong for the murder of Wendy Jordan began in March 2001. A guilty judgment was returned by the jury. He was given a life sentence without the possibility of release. Kelly Hood’s murder trial ended in yet another life sentence.

For the other crimes, Armstrong pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to an additional 31 years in prison.

Armstrong, 49, is still serving five life sentences at the Cotton Correctional Facility near Jackson, Michigan, for first- and second-degree murder.

Everything We Know About Wendy Jordan Husband And Family

There isn’t much information on Wendy’s husband or family on the internet yet. Until recently, the police department has kept all of her personal information a secret.

On the other hand, her family must be devastated by her passing, and we wish her lovely spirit to rest in peace.

You may also watch Twisted Killers on Oxygen for more information about Wendy.

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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