What Did Paul Pierce Say About Rachel Nichols? Details On Instagram Live Video

What Did Paul Pierce Say About Rachel Nichols? Details On Instagram Live Video

Former American basketball player Paul Pierce found talking about ESPN broadcaster and co-worker Rachel Nichols on his Instagram live while drunk and with stripped women. 

Rachel Nichols is an American sports broadcaster who currently works as a television host for ESPN. She is known for hosting an NBA discussion show called The Jump on Espn. 

Paul Peirce is an American former basketball player who played for the Boston Celtics for 19 consecutive seasons. He was currently the co-host of The Jump with Rachel Nichols. 

Recently, there has been a controversy which has made both Rachel Nichols and Paul Pierce trending note media after he uploaded a live video on a social platform. 

What Did Paul Pierce Say About Rachel Nichols?

Even Though the name Rachel Nichols was brought up in Paul Pierce’s irrelevant Instagram Live video, it was not Paul who said it. 

Paul Pierce was recently live on his Instagram account where he was with half-naked ladies and his other friends smoking either weed or tobacco. 

In the live session, one of the people was heard asking ‘Where is Rachel Nichols?’, but he was not Paul Pierce. However, bring talked about in an irrelevant video made Rachel trending on media. 

Rachel Nichols has not reacted to any of these trending topics yet, while people are waiting for her say. 

Paul Pierce Instagram Live Video 

Paul Pierce was with strippers smoking weed, tobacco, and dancing when he was suddenly live on his Instagram handle. There he was found doing stuff that wasn’t relevant for posting. 

Not only just himself, but he has also brought up his co-worker Rachel Nichols of his ongoing NBA discussion show on his live video without any consent reason.

Since he works for ESPN which is technically owned by Disney, this video might give him deep troubles, according to Sportscasting

The video showed the former basketball player consuming tobacco or weed on the web, so that too might be a great difficulty that Paul should have to face. 

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