Rancid Eddie Controversy, Sexist Allegations and Details To Follow

Rancid Eddie Controversy, Sexist Allegations and Details To Follow

Australian band Rancid Eddie is in a hot mess after the fans misinterpreted the lyrics of their songs. Let us explore details of the band’s sexist controversy and allegations.

Rancid Eddie is a popular Australian musical band. The indie-punk-rock band comprises 5 members including Jessy, Matt, Eddie, Ash, and Andy.

Jessy and Matt are guitarists and lead vocalists. On the other hand, Eddie handles keys, Ash is a bassist and Andy is a drummer. All of them are based in Mount Waverley, Melbourne.

Rancid is unique since it has dark songs with catchy lyrics. The band is best known for its melodies like Club Pressure, Here We Go Again, and so on.

The team members are much into the indie, rock, and punk genres. Since their songs are dark and humorous, people often misinterpret them and take them another way around. 

Recently, Eddie released a song titled Dry which is in the controversies.

Rancid Eddie Sexist Controversy and Allegations – What Did He Do?

Rancid Eddie is in controversies as some people are considering them sexist.

They released a song titled Dry which has left fans to wonder if the band is a stereotype. Some fans have even commented on their online posts and accused them of being misogynists.

Recently, the band has come clear with their audiences. They uploaded a post on Instagram about the wrongful allegations of the fans.

Eddie acknowledges that their songs explore the dark sides of a relationship. They also understand that lyrics might be problematic for some pople.

However, Rancid does not fuel hatred or violence against women or of any kind.

Was Rancid Eddie Arrested?

Rancid Eddie is not arrested since they have not done anything wrong.

They fell into controversies and they have cleared the air from their side. Thus, there is no logical reason for police officer’s engagement.

Rancid Eddie Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

We have no clue whether the members of Rancid Eddie have girlfriends or not.

Some of them might be single and some in a long-term relationship. The relationship details of individual band members are hard to gather.

But their latest song, Dry presents the once-sweet relationship which has turned bitter over time.

What Is Rancid Eddie Age?

Rancid Eddie’s members appear to be in the age range of 25-35 years.

The precise birthday details of the teammates are unknown. However, they are originally from Mount Waverley located in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne.

As a result, all of Rancid’s members are of Australian nationality.

Rancid Eddie Net Worth Revealed

Rancid Eddie’s net worth details are off the grid.

As a band, they have released many songs and have generated decent revenue. However, the precise details of their wealth are behind the curtain.

Meet Them On Instagram

Band Rancid Eddie has an official page on Instagram.

They have a username of @rancideddie. Their account has not been verified yet but it has amassed more than 24.8K followers. 

Besdies that, Eddie has accounts on Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud, and so on.

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