What Does Berries And Cream Mean On TikTok? Meme Meaning And Original Video Explained

What Does Berries And Cream Mean On TikTok? Meme Meaning And Original Video Explained

Know the actual meaning and story about the Berries and Cream Tiktok trend that has taken over TikTok by a storm.

The latest TikTok trend of Berries and Cream has caused havoc on the platform and the daily viewers and creators are increasing massively.

TikTok can be a weird place sometimes. While mainly something flashy and hooky things usually get the eyes of creators, there are times when something casual and old things also take the interest by storm.

Similar is the case of Berries and Cream soundtrack on the platform where many mashups of the sound with other songs have kept the audience engaged.

Here, we take a deeper look at the actual meaning of the TikTok trend Berries and Cream and how did it actually start.


Ngl I did predict this would happen 😭 ##berriesandcream ##berriesandcreamremix ##abba ##mammamia ##plshelp

♬ original sound – Jacob Sutherland

Berries And Cream TikTok Meaning: What Does The Meme Mean?

Actually, there is no hidden meaning behind the TikTok trend Berries and cream as it is just a soundtrack of a chocolate commercial.

The original Berries and Cream soundtrack was released back in 2007 for a commercial of a Starbust chocolate flavour Berries and Cream.

This rather unique and interesting sound also got viral back in the days but the viral thing was not much of a focus those days.

As time passed by, several remixes of the soundtrack were released but never got the hype it is getting now.

Finally, it was in January that the comedian and podcaster Justin McElroy ignited the trend with the below embedded TikTok, as per Marie Daire.

Since then the commercial sound Berries and Cream got remixed with several other popular songs as a fun thing and is now available in different versions on TikTok.



Berries and cream

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

Berries And Cream TikTok Original Dance Video

The first and original TikTok video that kicked off the Berries and Cream trend was shared by the comedian Justin McElroy which is shown above.

Regardless, the original commercial video and soundtrack were always available on the internet.

The video shows the featured actor and writer Jack Ferver as a lad who loves Berries and Cream.

Upon seeing a couple of boys talking about the flavour, the lad gets excited and starts singing Berries and cream as well as dances along.

As the video caught the attention of general people, Starbust also released another video explaining the soundtrack in an extended commercial version as The Little Lad Dance.

Berries And Cream TikTok Trend Song Lyrics

Talking about the lyrics of the Berries and Cream TikTok trend, the main focus is obviously Berries and Cream but there is more to it.

The lyrics goes like Berries and cream, berries and cream, I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream. This line got the massive hype with other mixes on TikTok.

However, there is also a little background on the Berries and Cream soundtrack. 

In the extended explanatory video, the little lad says, ‘When I was a little lad, if I wanted berries and cream, Mummy made me do the little lad dance. Now Mummy’s gone. But I still like to do the little lad dance.’

People can be seen making the TikTok on this particular speech lyrics as well. 


i dont think my confidence will ever recover. ##berriesandcream ##haircut

♬ original sound – EdroomBedroom