What Does ‘Hold My Milk Mean’ On TikTok? #HoldMyMilk Meaning Explained

What Does ‘Hold My Milk Mean’ On TikTok? #HoldMyMilk Meaning Explained

TikTok’s for you page is full with the hashtag #holdmymilk. Let’s find out what actually does ‘hold my milk’ mean on the platform. 

The famous social platform, TikTok has GenZ, GenY, and even GenX people. The current generation is somewhat familiar with most of the trends and challenges.

However, GenY and GenX people are often confused with the ongoing drifts. But it is quite contrary regarding the ‘Hold My Milk’ trend which was first launched in 1995.

What Does ‘Hold My Milk Mean’ On TikTok? 

‘Hold My Milk’ actually means to hold someone’s milk bottle.

It is a new edition of an advertising campaign, ‘Got Milk?’. In 1993, an advertising agency initiated this campaign to encourage the consumption of milk.

However, the national campaign was launched in 1995 by MilkPEP. The campaign got fame and actually increased the number of milk consumers too.

In 2014, the advertisers re-considered the slogan and changed it to ‘Milk Life’. The marketing strategy once again worked and benefitted the milk industry.

In 2021, the same advertising campaign is launched on TikTok with a different and catchy tagline ‘Hold My Milk’. The main objective of the trend is to encourage people to drink milk.

#HoldMyMilk Meaning Explained

The meaning of #HoldMyMilk is a promotional hashtag for ‘Got Milk?.

It does not have a twisted meaning and it is actually what the phrase suggests. Numerous videos have been posted with the hashtag and it has crossed over 4.5B views.

Other than TikTok, the trend has spread on platforms like Twitter as well. On Twitter, a cool thing happens. Every time you put a hashtag of #holdmymilk, a milk bottle emoticon appears after it.

How To Participate in the Trend?

Follow the step-by-step guideline to participate in this trend.

Open TikTok, start recording a video, and drink a sip of milk from the glass, bottle, or can.

Then, say ‘Hold My Milk’ and give it to someone to hold and show some athletic skills that you have got.

Finally, upload the video with the hashtag #HoldMyMilk and wait for it to go viral.

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