What Does Internet Historian Look Like? Has The YouTuber Done A Face Reveal?

What Does Internet Historian Look Like? Has The YouTuber Done A Face Reveal?

Has the YouTuber Internet Historian done a face reveal? Internet Historian has more than three million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and fans have been dying to know what he looks like. 

Internet Historian is an extremely popular YouTuber who has five YouTube channels. He is known for his sense of humor, his style of animation, and NordVPN, Raycon, or Raid Shadow Legends advertisements.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2017. He created a documentary about the 4chan event that users raided GameStop to get Battletoads. 

The video picked up after two to three weeks and he acquired 100,000 subscribers in just three months. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. 

What Does Internet Historian Look Like?

There’s sad news for Internet Historian fans. He has not done a face reveal yet. 

He uses animations in his videos that are png images moving in front of a stock background. 

He is a very private person and has gone to extreme lengths to maintain his privacy. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that he wants to keep his identity hidden despite being a YouTube celebrity. 

What Is Internet Historian Real Name?

Internet Historian also goes by the name Dr. Harold

However, the New Zealand native is yet to disclose his real name. He has nevertheless made a name for himself with his stage name. 

His other channels also start with the same name. His secondary channel is called Internet Historian: Incognito Mode. Here, he uploads videos on Q&As on videos he made before.

He also runs a program, In the Field, a parody talk show, hosted by him and stars his friends like SumitoMedia, Ordinary Things, and more. 

Historian’s third channel is named Internet Historian: Live. As the name suggests, he uploads cut-down live streams of his Twitch games. 

His fourth and fifth channel is named Story mode and Internet Historian: Greenscreens. 

Internet Historian Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

Internet Historian has not revealed his verified net worth. 

According to statsmash.com, he has an estimated net worth of $673,000. His primary source of income is his revenue from his YouTube videos. 

All of his videos have crossed millions of views, so, he must be generating a sound income from his work. 

Is Internet Historian Married? Partner Revealed

Internet Historian is married to his partner Internet Herstorian, according to The YouTube Wiki

Internet Herstorian is also a YouTuber and has more than 18.8k subscribers. So far, his partner has not shared any content on her channel. 

Internet Historian Career & Wiki Explored

Internet Historian is from New Zealand but is currently settled in Australia. His videos are primarily focused on making documentaries on events on the internet.

He has a close relationship with SumitoMedia. Most of his videos on his secondary channel are collaborations with SumitoMedia.